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Chinese journalist in Yanbian sights shape-shifting black UFO

Chinese journalist in Yanbian sights shape-shifting black UFO
At 4.00pm on Saturday 18th April 2009, Jing-Sen Gao of Dunhua, Yanbian, was walking with friends to a cultural event when they saw a strange black object in the sky above them. The object changed shape constantly. It went from being square to triangle to saucer-shaped. Goa filmed the object with his cameraphone. At the point at which he began filming, the object started emitting a flickering white light and then, after a few minutes, vanished completely. On showing people his recording, some declared the object to be a UFO of extraterrestrial origin while others claimed that it was a vision of the Buddha. The film is in the process of being examined by a local Chinese astronomical society. Still picture of UFO here and here. Original Chinese source here.

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