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China is proposing to replace the US dollar with the Hong Kong dollar

China is proposing to replace the US dollar with the Hong Kong dollar

At a top secret high-finance meeting scheduled for this weekend, China will propose that the US dollar be replaced by the Hong Kong dollar, according to a senior MI6 source. The proposal is under serious consideration by the backers of the new financial system.

As we have previously reported most US dollars ever created are now backed by gold at the rate of 1/28th of a gram per dollar. The fraudulent Federal Reserve Board fiat dollars issued after September, 2008 are not. Nor are any dollars derived from fraudulent "derivatives." So, to replace the US dollar with the Hong Kong dollar all that would be required would be to rename the gold-backed dollars. Any new Hong Kong dollars issued would be backed by the Renminbi, according to the Chinese proposal.

It might also be a good idea to rename the Hong Kong dollar the Hong Kong Yen (pronounced Yuan in Chinese). This is not for chauvinistic Asian reasons but simply because the dollar symbol $, is derived from a Satanic image of two snakes fighting while the word Yen means “fountain of life.”

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Comment by Trudy on November 7, 2009 at 9:33am
And then this ...
And despite the brutal killings was still the Olympic Games held in China ... The Olympic Games represents reconciliation of the world and stands for human rights, all of equal treatment under the equitable aspect of life ...
Comment by Trudy on November 7, 2009 at 9:25am
Twenty years ago the Chinese army hit the mass demonstrations at Tiananmen Square in Beijing bloody. How does the generation of time against the choices they made then? What does the younger generation in China this rebellion?

Ying, who now lives in the Netherlands, graduated in 1989 in Beijing. Like most of her classmates did them passionately on the student protests. They hung posters and made sure everything was on track during the hunger strikes by students. Public transport in this period came to a virtual standstill because a large proportion of the residents of Beijing and beyond the students supported.

Ying feels that the Chinese people was never so united as when, teachers supported students, canteen supplied free food, office workers and other workers visited the protesters at Tiananmen Square.

Ten days before June 4 Ying parents were against her when she returned to the students on Tiananmen Square to go. The square was not far from her childhood home. In the early morning of June 4 that she felt for the first time in her life very anxious. 'At night I heard gunshots, a sound I really only knew from movies. It was a nightmare. "

Later that morning Ying parents went shopping. They were afraid and asked Ying and her sisters to stay home. Once their parents had left, the girls went on their way to Chang'an Street. The street was completely destroyed by tanks. They were only against a foreigner in Chinese clothing, on his way to the embassy later.

Within days of Chang'an Street, the asphalt repaired and drove the outer gates were replaced. Ying calls it one of the most efficiently conducted cleanup operations she has ever seen.

As a result of what had happened on June 4, four students were arrested Ying university. Among them a student who had helped the removal of a deceased victim and someone who had stones thrown at tanks. Six months later one of the arrested students was also released and returned to the University. The students were from the leadership of the university student released not ask what had happened in prison. That no one dared, even though everyone was very curious.

A few years later, that student Ying met again in Beijing. He worked to become a real estate company and told no longer politically active. He also said that what had happened in 1989, something from the past and that it was not necessary to re-rake.

In Ying eyes are the events of June 4, 1989 became part of history, but they have also aroused political consciousness of her generation. After the demonstrations were beaten down, began initially naive young people to think about topics like democracy, corruption and national characteristics. Today, some of Ying's former classmates a strong social consciousness. They care about themselves to the large gap between rich and poor and are committed to people who belong to the social underclass.

Younger generation
June was only two years old in 1989. In its June 4 is a piece of history. The first time they have heard, was during history class in high school. The movement of 1989 was presented as a political riot. "Capitalists" would have to spin yarn in because they had been planning to overthrow the government. They talked about it with her classmates. Some claimed publicly that she had sympathy for the students who in 1989 rebelled, others had significantly more reserves and suggested that she does not really form an opinion about because they were not there had been.

When she went to university, once in June heard the term 'massacre' are to some students who have studied abroad and who spoke on June 4. There were also teachers from the big cities banished to remote provinces because they had participated in the protests. When she joined the Communist Party had them in the form tick several boxes, such as whether they are "minor" was in 1989.

Since that June always gets anxious when she thinks of June 4, 1989. They should think about the Cultural Revolution in 1960 and 1970. Juns grandfather was persecuted during the Cultural Revolution, and why her family never wanted to talk about political issues.

When June came to the Netherlands, a friend spoke to her about the events of June 4. This friend gave her the address of a website on the movement of 1989. Fearing she still has not dared to look at the site. Her attitude is doubly June 4. June is not entirely agree with the positive reading of the movement, but is not just negative. "History must only show", she says.

So much for the square of Heavenly Peace ...
and the Yen, Fountain of Life ..... where ... when ...??

If the Americans have the future of their country want to ensure they will have to abolish immediately the money, because believe me, China is coming !!

Namaste SoE

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