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Cellphones OFF - Pyramid Telepathy ON !

Cellphones are wireless communication devices that function on microwaves, while
human mental telepathy uses brainwaves for wireless communication.

No cellphones will connect without a matching frequency, and for the same reason
no two minds will connect telepathically without a matching frequency.

Today cellphone towers are used to regulate the frequencies of BOTH wireless networks
AND our brainwave patterns. Cellphones work with microwaves, but brains DO NOT.

In ancient times giant pyramids were used to regulate brainwave frequencies and
human consciousness by coupling to earth's heartbeat-based resonances.

Synchronized low-frequency heartbeat booming was heard simultaneously at every pyramid
and megalith site in the world, telepathically connecting all minds in all temples.

Over three thousand years ago a cataclysm crashed the collective pyramid telepathy network,
leaving our planet and her sacred temples in a silence devoid of energy.

The pyramid telepathy network will be switched ON with the magnetic reversal of 2012,
as predicted by the ancient pyramid builders themselves, the Maya and the Aztec!

Today's microwaves break the DNA chain and by cancer shorten our lifespan, while
the pyramids' heartbeating of tomorrow will unwind our DNA helix to become a
superconductive ladder to increase human longevity in HHO resonant plasmas.

* * *

Our shortwave physical universe of matter, space and time is fundamentally ordered by an
opposing longwave aspect - the non-physical or antimatter universe of pure energy, vibration.

The nonlinear interaction of short and longwave cycles produces patterns of resonance reflecting
throughout the cosmos in eternal oscillation between resonant synchrony and dissonant entropy.

Human experiencial cycles mirror environmental electromagnetic cycles in perpetual reversal,
from golden ages of collective telepathic consciousness to dark ages of chaos and tyranny.

The pulsed heartbeat of planetary resonance is now synchronizing human consciousness,
the new dimension bleeding through in circles where waters are purified and plasmas spin.
In these hyperdimensional circles we find a completely different set of quantum-physical laws.

The Prime Cross
spherical rendering of Dr. A. Jadczyk's
Octagonal Quantum Fractal

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