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Castro Profited from Communist Scam

November 26, 2016


(left. Castro making the Trump Masonic hand sign) 
Communism is a scam. The people work for peanuts in the name of "equality" and "social justice" while  leaders like Castro are billionaires and live high on the hog.  Sure, the people get free health care and indoctrination (education) but so what if you live in poverty in a police state? 
According to Nathaniel Weyl,  Ernesto Guevera and Fidel Castro were trained as Soviet agents. The "revolution" was largely funded and supplied by the Soviet Union. But they couldn't have succeeded without the complicity of the US, proof that the Cold War was an Illuminati charade. The Left's infatuation with Castro Communism is a symptom of mental retardation 

Yes, the people are all equal -- dirt poor. 
Updated from Feb 27,2009
by Henry Makow Ph.D.

I've been to Cuba on vacation. It's a country with a rich heritage and thriving economy that was frozen in time in 1959 when Castro took power with Soviet help. 
Communism is so dysfunctional that even food is in limited supplyGenerally, the food is what you'd expect in a submarine a month from port. Citizens also have no political rights. 
Yes, the people are all equal -- dirt poor.  Yes, they get free education and health care but education is indoctrination and people cannot toil for nothing if they are sick. Their MD's get $20 a month. The people are paid in platitudes. 

Essentially, you have a prosperous island (oil, sugar, nickel, tobacco, coffee) with a large labor force that works for a pittance. All the wealth seems to flow to the Communist nomenklatura and their sponsors.  Secret police are everywhere and no one can say a word against the regime. 

When I asked a cab driver about the revolution, he immediately clammed up. Anyone who doesn't accept the Communist version of reality is subject to imprisonment. 

Herberto Padillo, a poet who was tortured for "deviationism" said after his escape to the US: "I have lived in frightening laboratories for social experimentation, spaces walled by test tubes, where the same experiment always ended with the same result: tyranny. I have learned something of the value of freedom." ("And the Russians Stayed" Carbonell, p. 295)  
 JFK dropped the ball when he failed to invade Cuba during the Bay of Pigs. It's absurd that the US was "defending freedom" in Vietnam but did nothing to help an enslaved population of seven million people 90 miles from its shore. I doubt if the CIA seriously intended the Bay of Pigs invasion to succeed. While I find Communism repugnant, I support Obama's lifting of sanctions because this should help the average Cuban.   

Fidel Castro came to power in Cuba because of the covert help of New World orderlies in the US State Dept. and mass media. They cut off arm sales to Batista while at the same time supplying Castro, partly by Russian submarines. This told the Cuban military which way the wind was blowing and they quietly defected.

weyl.jpgThis is the conclusion of Nataniel Weyl in "Red Star Over Cuba" (1962, p.152.) Weyl was a Communist in the 1930's and knew the top leaders of the Cuban Communist Party. He actually worked for the central bankers at one time, as Latin American research chief for the Federal Reserve System. He is one of many Jews who recognized Communism as a dangerous satanic ruse and devoted his life to exposing Comintern subversion in Latin America.  

Weyl says that both Ernesto Guevera and Fidel Castro were trained as Soviet agents as teenagers. Guevara, an Argentine, was liaison between the Soviet espionage network and the Castro forces who masqueraded as an indigenous force. In fact, they were largely bankrolled and supplied by the Soviet Union.

"Fidel's secret weapon was money---incredible millions of dollars, with which he bought "victories." He bought entire regiments from Batista's officers and, on one occasion, purchased for $650,000 cash an entire armoured train, with tanks, guns, ammunition, jeeps and 500 men." (p.141) 

"The Cuban forces themselves never won a military victory," US Ambassador Earl Smith later testified. The basic reason for the defeat of Batista's army was that covert US intervention shattered their morale.(152)

GLdC2.jpg(Left, Freemason HQ in Havana) 
Rothschild-dominated Freemasonry was probably also a factor. Communism is a Masonic order; both Castro and Guevara were Masons. Other Freemasons include Stalin, Trotsky, Lenin and most Presidents incl. Barack Obama. Obviously Castro was installed by the Masons.  Freemasonry is big in Cuba: there is a 15- story Grand Lodge of Cuba HQ in Havana. A compass and square is on top of the globe.

According to Humberto Fantova's "Che! Hollywood's Favorite Tyrant", Guevara was complicit in the execution of 10,000 Cubans after the revolution: He was "a bloodthirsty executioner, a military bumbler, a coward, and a's no exaggeration to state that Che... was the godfather of modern terrorism. And yet Che's followers naively swallow Castro's historical revisionism. They are classic "useful idiots." the name Stalin gave to foolish Westerners who parroted his lies..."

Nat Hentoff  met Che at the United Nations and asked "this idealist" -- "Can you conceive -- however far into the future -- a time when there will be free elections in Cuba?"  

"Not waiting for his interpreter, Guevara broke into laughter at my naively ignorant question. He made it clear that I had no understanding of a true people's revolution, firmly guided by Maximum Leader Castro."

How do we account for the  CIA's Bay of Pigs invasion? This failure was probably designed to enhance Castro's image and reinforce the Hegelian dialectic.  If the US could go to Vietnam "for the sake of democracy," it certainty could have invaded Cuba officially. The debacle opened the door for the missile crisis and the assassination of Kennedy, both part of the agenda.

How do we account for the CIA's killing of Guevara? He had served his purpose and was worth more dead than alive. 


Communists always portray their demented drive for world domination in terms of serving the people. Not surprisingly, many suckers swallow this bait. (I did.) But, why do these dupes include the US State Dept. and media establishment? The US government, media and most corporations are controlled by the central banking cartel, i.e. the Rothschilds, Warburgs, Rockefellers etc. These are the same people who sponsored Communism. 

The guiding principle behind world events is their plan to translate their monopoly over government credit into a world monopoly of power, business, culture and religion.

potkettle.jpgThese bankers use a Hegelian dialectic to achieve their end. They created both Capitalism and Communism as thesis and antithesis.  Their aim is a synthesis, combining the political and cultural tyranny of Communism with the appearance of Capitalist free markets. China or even Cuba may be the end model for the New World Order. 

In 1953, Ford Foundation President, H. Rowan Gaither told Congressional Investigator Norman Dodd that his instructions were to use "our grant-making power so to alter our life in the United States that we can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union."

This is why the Communist Party term "political correctness" has become part of our lexicon.  Why the elite media and foundations promote feminism, homosexuality, pornography and promiscuity to destabilize society. Why they sponsor "diversity" to undermine American identity. Why the education system is devoted to Leftist indoctrination; and conservatives have been driven out. Why the culture industries are dedicated to sex, violence, alienation, deviance and the occult. We'll never know what we have missed in terms of cultural works that boost our sense of who we are and where we should be going.

Eustace Mullins relates this story: Early in his career, a NY publisher (who are all banker controlled) told his agent that it's too bad Mullins had decided to go against them. Look at the success they arranged for such "high school" talents as Hemingway, Steinbeck and 
Faulkner. Unfortunately, Mullins would be consigned to the wilderness. 

Rupert Murdoch, whose media operations are subsidized by the Rothschilds, said last week, "We are in the midst of a phase of history in which nations will be redefined and their futures fundamentally altered." 


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----------- Castro a multimillionaire drug trafficker   Exposed by former bodyguard
First Comment from Marcos:
Excellent article.
The celebration of Cuba as a fashionable place with visits from Obama, the Pope and the Rolling Stones in a short period of time is too much of a coincidence to be by chance. It is proof that Cuba's usefulness as a boogeyman is over.
Cuba has been and still is the center of marxist revolution in Latin America, through the Forum of Sao Paulo organization. They have 60,000 agents in Venezuela only, and trained Maduro and many leftist politicians in the continent in terrorism, propaganda and ideology subjects. Marxism took over Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Chile, Colombia to an extent and Paraguay for a short time (they fought back). Cuba trained and supported bloody terrorist organizations such as the FARC and Sendero Luminoso. 
It is laughable that naive Americans still blame the US for imperialism...America has had no say at all in the continent for the last 20 years. 
It doesn't matter that Cuba had arrested 250 people for political reasons one week before Obama's visit, or that it is a hellhole of misery and corruption. Cuba is hip. It has old cars and is great for a fashion photo shoot.  
Marxism's role is to destroy traditional values and individual freedoms. Now that the work has been done in Latin America, it is time to transcend over to a "benevolent" new world order semi-dictatorship, with capitalism for the elite and social marxism for the poor, much like China. Move over Castro, here comes a Cuban Trudeau. 
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