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casper 11-22-09

The trade referenced in yesterdays update was again an attempt by OBAMA and the QUEEN. It was to be a three day trade ending Monday but was caught and stopped.

The "Black Dragon Council", having arrived in D.C. and stating that they were unaware of the cooperation of their top two men with Obama and the Queen, said this morning deliveries of the trigger packs must occur today and in fact those packs had gone out last night for delivery before noon today. The BDC (Black Dragon Council) is not the same thing as the Dragon Clan. After their number two man was "sent home" and replaced by their number one man as previously reported, only to find he too was in bed with Obama and the Queen as well, their "council" arrived in the U.S. to repair their reputation in the eyes of the world and to get the deliveries done. They were NOT INVOLVED in the disclosures which now follow.

The packs which went out last night for delivery today were a phony set of packs prepared by the Auditors. They were yanked back by the Auditors during the day and now reside in the Japanese Embassy. Obviously they succumbed to OBAMA and the Queen's usual "if come" Bribery. The reason for all this "sleight of hand" was because OBAMA and the QUEEN, with the help of some or all of the Auditors, were attempting still another trade today and the real packs had once again been moved to the Royal Bank of Canada to act as collateral and they arrived there at 11:30 p.m. last night. CHINA has blocked today's trade attempt and the packs have now left Canada.

WE can not opine further right now as to the safety of the cards since we now understand that the Auditors were cooperating with Obama and the Queen. WE are working on it.

Tonight WE are reliably informed that the JAPANESE PRIME MINISTER, after the blockage of today's trade attempt by CHINA and their ordering of the real packs out of CANADA immediately, has ordered the Trigger Packs to be delivered tonight. WE don't understand how that is possible but that is the order.

casper 11-22-09

p.s. Not reported previously, several days ago The QUEEN, upset due to the constant exposures of her most secret plans in these updates, referred to Casper and Associates as "Illiterate Sons of Bitches". So, WE would like to take this opportunity to suggest that she and OBAMA revisit the History of Brother Bonaparte, the last Monarch of France. All CROOKS eventually meet their WATERLOO.

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