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Again deliveries were scheduled and expected. The trigger packs left D.C. early afternoon yesterday but were pulled back overnight. Again the blockage comes from OBAMA this time aided and abetted by CLINTON, LI, YING (the dead one) and certain MING elements.

YING and LI must pay out TRILLIONS when the programs fund which will break them which explains their ongoing co-operation with OBAMA in blocking deliveries.

The actual backstabbing owners of the 40 accounts who attempted to turn the accounts over to OBAMA have had all funds frozen and confiscated and lost their funding permanently. The plan was for OBAMA to use those account codes and access instructions for back door entry into all FREEDOM accounts to steal all of those funds. Again, this has been discovered and foiled.

Mr. YING, our long lost and supposedly dead ex-friend, your friends here in the U.S. want to have a talk with you face to face. Why do you keep canceling your trips, last week and again today? Could it be that your friends have learned the orders for their elimination came from you? You lied to them, they found out. Zebra's don't change their stripes do they Mr. YING. They request you bring your black suit with you and say they will see you soon.

Once again, for reasons WE won't go into, OBAMA thought he had the funds to preserve his Fraudulent Financial Playpen only to find "his funds" gone. This is a reference to something different than the 40 accounts.

The battle to overcome OBAMA now rages hourly not just daily. Do not falter in your faith my friends, GOD WINS not brother OBAMA. Continue to look for and expect deliveries literally at any moment. He does not hold the biggest stick.

casper 7-30-09

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