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There are many who believe there is nothing wrong, that OBAMA can not interfere and that deliveries are likely today or tomorrow possibly by Certified or Registered mail.
They debate whether it was sent out last Friday v.s. Saturday.

"Our" lives would be so much easier if our Intel agreed with theirs. Of course WE hope and pray they are correct and our Intel is wrong. That has not as yet been the case and WE don't think it will be this time either but WE are on board with the prayers.

OUR Intel says OBAMA continues to block deliveries accompanied by all the verbosity we have quoted many times before. As recently as yesterday he was threatening Govt Employees with job loss if they are caught talking to us or anyone else and just yesterday he told CHINA they would not get their money either.

WE hear OBAMA has many allies helping him block deliveries. He is working hand in hand with MERKLE for example promising her the money to save DEUTSCHE BANK which is in desperate shape. Also BUNDESBANK, UBS and CREDIT SUISSE are working with him along with certain MING FACTIONS. The ABC/OBAMA stories generated domestically are picked up by his allies in each of those banks then fed back into the U.S. as if it were their own truth telling when in fact it is intentional lies. The VATICAN and the QUEEN are also working to thwart deliveries and he has appealed to the VATICAN for additional funding this very week. As for the QUEEN she made it quite clear while in the U.S. that she has no intention of "giving up her subjects" as WE reported at the time. These BANKERS and BANKS and RAIL TWO POWERS are constantly trying to access our accounts which is the only source of funds large enough to fund their survival and maintenance of their ongoing scams. Fortunately they have not succeeded. It is the Status Quo at any cost, it is ongoing and OBAMA is their leader.

In summary WE do not believe letters are enroute or that OBAMA has been overcome. WE believe POSTAL works for OBAMA and in any event letters would not trigger the announcements or release of the IMF Countries and Programs.


There are those who think OBAMA is a double or triple agent and we will eventually learn he was doing secret stuff "To Catch a Thief" and we will all eventually learn he was the good guy all along in spite of the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. WE don't agree. WE never have agreed with this reasoning but we would be delighted to eat crow if it were true and resulted in deliveries. WE do believe and have said so in these updates that when deliveries occur OBAMA will dive for the microphone in an attempt to take credit. WE believe the deliveries will be accompanied by announcements and exposures nullifying that plan.

After the CRISIS involving the MILITARY, HOMELAND SECURITY, OBAMA, ETC. as reported Sunday and Monday WE know that the D.C. packs moved again at 11:30 p.m. Monday night for Tuesday delivery but soon learned they had once again been returned to D.C.. Whether this represents a legitimate "tug-o-war" between factions or simply "head fakes and gamesmanship" we don't know.

WE hear but can't verify that someone somewhere is dealing with the ongoing World Court corruption.

This writer would not be surprised to someday learn that all the current world crisis' are orchestrated attempts to stop the new and preserve the status quo. I refer to the North Korea situation, the mandatory swine flu vaccination situation, the impending worldwide economic crash and even the non-planting of crops by the ILLUMINATI FOOD COMPANIES such as CARGILL and ARCHER DANIELS MIDLAND. The 300 mile long San Joaquin Valley in California and the 100 mile long I-95 Sunshine Corridor in Florida are without crops right now other than melons and the like. Add to this what amounts to the theft of TRILLIONS domestically by the Govt/Banking nexus, the SOCIALIZATION OF AMERICA at break neck speed and the bribery/blackmail/murder scandals at every level and the ongoing cover-up of the truth about 9-11 and the suitcase and WE could go on and on and on. Not much imagination is required to make a case that the ILLUMINATI, with OBAMA a full fledged and willing participant, is threatening the survival of the world if they are not allowed to continue "owning" the world.

Lately WE have skipped over interesting asides believing the Intel disclosed recently such as the bribing by OBAMA of the World Court Rep was to important to be diluted by other issues. WE haven't mentioned, for example, that STORY'S reference in his update of the 17th to attempts to manipulate the payee list was still another attempt by 700 or so of D.C.'s finest to insert their names in the programs payee list. It was caught and stopped.

And then there is Casper's running political commentary which WE have avoided lately so you may not be aware of such things as the language buried in the Health Care Bill covering twelve million illegal aliens (good luck seeing a Doctor) OR any of a dozen other important items most of which show up on .

Each exposure whether from here or elsewhere causes the rats to go further underground to continue their deal making.

Perhaps they are meeting this week at BOHEMIAN GROVE and making more deals in between their Satanic Sacrifices.

WE have no spies there.

Casper 7-22-09

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