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casper 5-30-09 #2

This morning I forgot to give you the "OO" update.

That's the OBAMA OUTRAGE of the day.

On election day in Philadelphia, mind you, The Black Panthers, armed with NIGHTSTICKS, intimidated and stopped those who were not on the ACORN approved list from voting.

You remember the Black Panthers don't you? In the seventies they tied a man to a chair, doused him with gasoline and set him on fire. And who was their defense attorney? Hillary Clinton of course.

Lawsuits were filed in the above matter. Yesterday OBAMA's head of The "Justice" Department refused to prosecute the Blk Panthers saying it was not a big enough deal for them to pursue it. Welcome to Politics African style, if you intend to vote for me, no problem. If not let me introduce you to my little friend the NIGHTSTICK (Billy Club). The Panthers didn't even show up for the hearing allowing a default judgment in favor of the intimidated voters. Still HOLDER/OBAMA refused to prosecute these exceptionally clear violations of the Voting Rights Act.

As WE were advised from the very beginning by "connected" Washington Sources, "Bush was nothing compared to this man".

The last time OBAMA visited with the MUSLIMS he bowed and declared "the United States is not a Christian country". What do you suppose he will say next week in Egypt?

Do the American people get the Government they deserve? This is what we voted for, this is what we got.

It was not until several years later that the German people awoke to what they had voted for.

casper 5-30-09 #2

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