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casper 5-3-09 #1

Nary a day passes without further in your face evidence that CONGRESS is continuing in its role as prostitutes for the Banks. Leading Democrat Dick Durbin said this week "they own the place". ALL ROADS LEAD TO CONGRESS. They are silly putty in the hands of CRIMINALS and are continuing to facilitate the TRILLIONS in bailouts being laid off on the public they supposedly represent. As OBAMA said recently, "you have been bought and paid for". They are prostitutes of the Illuminati Money Trust, pawns of Emergency Rule, violators of their OATHS and a National Disgrace.

"What did you find most ENCHANTING during your first hundred days as President" asked a New York Times reporter?

Liberalism is A MENTAL DISORDER. Out of office they are nuisance. In office they are a DANGER to society. Every week comes another example of their twisted beliefs from chastising Ms California for her belief in "Traditional Marriage" to cancellation of a Union Members right to a secret ballot to their phony war on "manmade" climate change for the purpose of International Taxation to their attempts to shut down talk radio and freedom of speech to OBAMA calling the Senior Debt Holders of the auto companies "speculators", there is no end to the examples of a mindset that borders on insanity.

This is what we voted for, this is what we elected. He/they were financed with Foreign Money, supported by the openly Marxist ACORN bunch, likely Foreign born as there is no legitimate reason for his refusal to produce his birth certificate, a far left wing elite Chicago Radical who was surrounded by Radicals in Chicago, who financed his Cousins violent uprising in Africa which killed thousands, who was paid more by AIG and others than any other Senator, who immediately upon inauguration surrounded himself with the very same Illuminati Criminals who caused the financial collapse in the first place, who appointed dozens of Clinton minions to high office immediately including a Skull and Bones White House Council, who now blocks the settlements as instructed by the Bushes and the Clintons and the Illuminati Money Interest, who has already, in 100 short days in office, added more to the National Debt than all the previous presidents combined, who is hell bent to take over every aspect of American life with centralized command and control at the expense of 230 years of American history and all the free market values that made America great, who has participated in the ongoing theft of the worlds assets stored in the U.S., who has offered CHINA Eminent Domain over the entire U.S. if China will not foreclose their utterly corrupt and bankrupt fraudulent financial playpen, who stands in defiance of the world, and its courts, and the countries, and the Constitution and his oath rather than give up his Emergency Rule or to stop following the orders of his Illuminati Banking Masters, who bows down to Foreign Kings and cozy's up with Communist Dictators around the world, who now continues the BUSH policies in so many places having disavowed them during his campaign, who's blanket amnesty and open border immigration policies for the purpose of locking in the votes of millions of additional welfare recipients is designed to destroy the two party political system and assure Central Control by the liberal elites for generations to come, who refers to program recipients in the foulest possible language, who is so obviously a pawn of the Banks, the Illuminati, The BUSHES and CLINTONS and the One World Order that a person would have to be WILLFULLY IGNORANT not to see who and what he is.

This is who we voted for, this is who we elected.

Once in power in the Oval Office almost anything can be covered up and kept from public view. Note the drug running by SENIOR and CLINTON through Arkansas followed by dozens of murders including the pilots who dared to tell the truth. Once under the "protection" of the NWO, Illuminati, ABC Agencies these CORPORATION PRESIDENTS can get away with anything, being foreign born a minor problem comparatively speaking. The whole of Washington D.C. has become a cesspool of criminal conduct where loyalty to the people, the country or the Constitution no longer exist. What do you do with a toilet that is overflowing and stinks to high heaven? You flush the toilet of course. That means getting rid of all of them, both political parties and their owners the FED RES/FRACTIONAL BANKING ILLUMINATI CONTROLLED MONETARY SYSTEM. Until then it will be one scandal after another with all cost laid off on the people no matter how egregious their conduct as they are all bed fellows. With Trillions upon Trillions up in smoke not one has been prosecuted and still their bonuses for failure at taxpayer expense continues.

It will be interesting to see just how much we the peasant class are allowed to know.
So much has been going on each day it would be hopeless to try to describe the daily twist and turns.

Each disclosure results in ever greater secrecy. Some of what WE know we can't report but mostly its to the point of who cares, just deliver the damn packs and make the announcements. WE expected delv Saturday then the poo poo hit the fan again.

WE think its been fixed again. We think we will see delv the first of the week. WE think its in everyone's best interest to avoid detail right now.

casper 5-3-09

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