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casper 12-1-09 #1

Yesterday the packs were in Treasury and held there on orders of YING and UNDER YINGS NAME thinking that would preclude their retrieval.

At 9:30 p.m. the packs were removed from Treasury with the assistance of World Court Orders, The Ming, The Families and a certain Prime Minister. They were to be sent to airports around the country for pick up by the recipients this morning after telephone notification.

At 12:45 a.m. "our people" were working on Flight Plans and ETA's after the packs had been removed to a safe location.

Our People were working under constant threats to themselves and their families including threats from OBAMA personally. When the packs were removed from Treasury OBAMA, Senators, Congressmen and certain Judiciary WENT BALLISTIC. HE and THEY said "this will never happen, it must be stopped and it will be stopped". Every imaginable road block had already been erected to preclude their removal from Treasury. From his Compound in CHINA YING said that he and OBAMA and The QUEEN and the CHINESE GOVERNMENT will never allow the deliveries to occur. He referred to "us" as a bunch of dumb asses" but is having trouble explaining how WE know what he says to those in his own Compound. Perhaps WE are not as dumb as you think brother YING (little big man)?

HE and others want the Gold Backed Currencies in our accounts and have done every conceivable thing without success to access the accounts.

He was told last night to "back off" but will not listen. The World Court issued a warrant for his arrest last night.

WE need help. WE are seriously worried about our people in D.C.. All lines have been blocked all night and this morning. WE are deeply concerned about their welfare. Their families have been threatened.

A complete AUDIT of TREASURY has been underway by outside auditors, not those previously bribed as previously reported. MASSIVE EMBEZZLEMENT HAS ALREADY BEEN UNCOVERED. Treasury has been used as a personal piggy bank by all PRESIDENTS from SENIOR to OBAMA. Certain SENATORS, CONGRESSMEN, JUDICIARY and TREASURY SECRETARIES including GEITHNER have each USED TREASURY AS THEIR PERSONAL PIGGY BANK. The EMBEZZLEMENT is so massive the AUDITORS say it will be impossible to retrieve all the stolen funds.

More when possible,

casper 12-1-09 #1

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