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Cancer & AIDs, valuable info you should know!

Cancer and AIDS, valuable information you should know!

I work with an International Cancer Charity based in New York that offers help to people with cancer. We educate people about a mineral nutritional program, that aids the body in overall health. We find that numerous people who had no other option, were told to go home and die, who were already taking chemo, or who chose not to do chemo or surgery, are very happy to use the program. In observation, we see people with evidence of cancer, and after they use the program, the cancer markers go down, and we begin to see many with "no evidence of cancer" when conventional medical science had written them off. This program is mentioned by Sloan Kettering but not officially medically proven, not officially medically proven by AMA or FDA, or a pharmaceutical company. There are some doctors who are now embracing the uses of this, but it is still an overall small number.

We have worked with people with most or all cancers, even terminal and multiple cancers, many are very thankful of our help to them.

The work was founded by a pancreatic cancer survivor, who was diagnosed in 1976 but is alive and healthy today. Through microscope pathology during surgery, it was verified he had pancreatic cancer, and they gave him 3 weeks to live without surgery, 3-6 months with surgery. It is 34 years later, and he is fine and healthy.

At Stony Brook University, he worked on surgical transplant work and used this formula to extended the preservation time of organs for transplant from 3 days up to 24 days - it was a Proctor and Gamble grant and they fudged his data down to look like 5 days in order to secure grants. He complained, they told him it was a business and that if he acted up they would pull his medical license, so he quit medical school and now works to promote natural mineral supplementation.... - we do no animal testing, just provide information, and observe the results and the thanks we get from people.

A friend of a friend just told me his dad, who has lung cancer, after two days on this, no longer needs the inhaler anymore. After 3 weeks, he is back to work as a landscaper, working again. His son and neighbors say he never looked as healthy, fresh full face, etc.

Many people feel a difference with the first dose, so we are happy to even send samples to some people, at our expense, to prove to people we are here to sincerely help them.

Two more very impressive testimonials I love:

Cowboy Joe, pancreatic, stomach, liver, neck, throat cancer -
showed "no evidence", did not use chemo or surgery:

Man Coughs up 38 Tumors
(this has also happened to others):

This same program, which includes taking high doses of certain proportions of minerals, has been used safely by many people with other non-cancerous conditions, many of which the people are very happy to be using this. Some of those conditions are...

ADHD, Allergies, Aneurysm, Anxiety, Arthritis, Asthma, Autism, Back & Joint Pain, Bi-Polar, Bursitis, Candida Yeast, Chemical Poisoning, Cholesterol, Chronic Fatigue, Colds and Flu, Cyst & Fibroids, Diabetes, Diverticulosis,.. Down's Syndrome, Drug Addiction, Eczema, Endurance, Epstein Barre, Fibroids, Fibromyalgia, Fungus - Nail, Toe etc., Glaucoma, Gout, Grave's Disease, Guillian Barre,....Headaches, Hearing Loss, Heart Conditions, Hemorrhoids, Hepatitis C, Hormone Imbalance, Huntington's Disease, Hypertension, Inflammation, Injuries, Irritable Bowel, Joint Pain, Kidney Stones, Leg Cramps, Lung Disease, Lung Nodules, Lupus, Lymes, Manic Depression, Mental Clarity, Multiple Conditions, Multiple Sclerosis, Nail Weakness, Neck Pain, Neurological Conditions, Osteoporosis, Ovarian Conditions, Parasitic Conditions, Parkinson's, PMS & related, Poisoning, Polyps, Pregnancy, Psoriasis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sciatica, Shingles, Sinus, Skin Tags, Sprains, Strength, Stress, Throat Nodules, Thyroid, Toe Fungus, Trauma, Triglycerides, Viral Disorders, Weight Loss

Please research this and support our work, or inquire about going on the program yourself. I am not going to list every detail about the program and what minerals are used, because it can be very misleading - for example there are many different forms of calcium, zinc, or other minerals, and much of the ones sold in the store are not the same quality and thus we do not expect the body to respond in the same way as would the other minerals.

Do not be shy --- If you contact me, I will be happy to explain everything to you, and offer free information, literature, health evaluation of your current vitamins, etc.

Please follow these simple instructions to learn more:
For more information, Call 631-866-6708.
If you myspace message me, there could be a delayed response, so try to call instead.

Amazing article in LewRockwell about HIV being a scam, relating it to the Swine Flu of 1976 and 2009, “Still Not Convinced HIV is Bogus?”

HIV=AIDS: Fact or Fraud:


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