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He was born of the virgin Maya, who was considered the "Queen of Heaven."
He was of royal descent.
He crushed a serpent's head.
He performed miracles and wonders, healed the sick, fed 500 men from a "small basket of cakes," and walked on water.
He abolished idolatry, was a "sower of the word," and preached "the establishment of a kingdom of righteousness."
He taught chastity, temperance, tolerance, compassion, love, and the equality of all.
He was transfigured on a mount.
He was crucified in a sin-atonement, suffered for three days in hell, and was resurrected.

He ascended to "heaven."

He contributed the name of Jesus Christ. He and his once-and-future Father, are frequently interchangeable in the mythos ("I and my Father are one").
He was born of the virgin Meri on December 25th in a cave/manger, with his birth being announced by a star in the East and attended by three wise men.

He was a child teacher in the Temple and was baptized when he was 30 years old.
He was also baptized by "Anup the Baptizer," who becomes "John the Baptist."
He had 12 disciples.
He performed miracles and raised one man, el-Azar-us, from the dead.
He walked on water.
He was transfigured on the Mount.
He was crucified, buried in a tomb and resurrected.
He was also the "Way, the Truth, the Light, the Messiah, God's Anointed Son, the Son of Man, the Good Shepherd, the Lamb of God, the Word" etc.
He was "the Fisher," and was associated with the Lamb, Lion and Fish.
His personal epithet was "Iusa," the "ever-becoming son" of "Ptah," the "Father."
He was called "the KRST," or "Anointed One," long before the Christians duplicated the story.
In the catacombs at Rome are pictures of Him as a baby being held by his virgin mother - the original "Madonna and Child"
WHO WAS HE.... He was the Egyptian god HORUS.

The ancient Egyptians also adopted the cross as a religious symbol of their pagan gods. Countless Egyptians drawings depict themselves holding crosses in their hands. Among them, the Egyptian savior Horus is depicted holding a cross in his hand. He is also depicted as an infant sitting on his mother's knee with a cross on the seat they occupy. The most common of the crosses used by these pagan Egyptians, the crux ansata, was later adopted by the Christians.

He was born on December 25th.
He was considered a great traveling teacher and master.
He had 12 companions or disciples.
He performed miracles.
He was buried in a tomb.
After three days he rose again.
His resurrection was celebrated every year.
He was called "the Good Shepherd."
He was considered "the Way, the Truth and the Light, the Redeemer, the Savior, the Messiah."
He was identified with both the Lion and the Lamb.
His sacred day was Sunday, "the Lord's Day," hundreds of years before the appearance of Christ. He had his principal festival on what was later to become Easter, at which time he was resurrected.
His religion had a Eucharist or "Lord's Supper."
WHO WAS HE........ He was MITHRA. The origin of the cult of Mithra dates from the time that the Hindus (Mithra) and Persians (Zarathushtra) still formed one people, for the god Mithra occurs in the religion and the sacred books of both races, i.e. in the Vedas and in the Avesta.
"Christ is set beside the sayings of Zarathushtra. The Zardusht speaks to his pupils in these words: 'He who will not eat of my body and drink of my blood, so that he will be made one with me and I with him, the same shall not know salvation....' Compare this with Christ's words to his disciples: 'He who eats of my body and drinks of my blood shall have eternal life.'

He was born of a Virgin
His father was a carpenter.
His birth was attended by angels, wise men and shepherds, and he was presented with gold, frankincense and myrrh.
He was persecuted by a tyrant who ordered the slaughter of thousands of infants. He was of royal descent.
He was baptized in a river
He worked miracles and wonders.
He raised the dead and healed lepers, the deaf and the blind.
He used parables to teach the people about charity and love.
"He lived poor and he loved the poor."
He was transfigured in front of his disciples.
In some traditions he died on a tree or was crucified between two thieves.
He rose from the dead and ascended to heaven.
He is called the "Shepherd God" and "Lord of lords," and was considered "the Redeemer, Firstborn, Sin Bearer, Liberator, Universal Word."
He is the second person of the Trinity, and proclaimed himself the "Resurrection" and the "way to the Father."
He was considered the "Beginning, the Middle and the End," ("Alpha and Omega"), as well as being omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent.
His disciples bestowed upon him the title "Jezeus," meaning "pure essence."
He is to return to do battle with the "Prince of Evil," who will desolate the earth.
(The similarities between the Christian character and the Indian messiah are many. Indeed, Massey finds over 100 similarities between the Hindu and Christian saviors, and Graves, who includes the various noncanonical gospels in his analysis, lists over 300 likenesses. It should be noted that a common earlier English spelling of Krishna was "Christna," which reveals its relation to "Christ." It should also be noted that, like the Jewish godman, many people have believed in a historical, carnalized Krishna.)


God was his father
He was born in a cave or cowshed
A human woman, a virgin, was his mother.
His birth was prophesized by a star in the heavens.
At a marriage ceremony, he performed the miracle of converting water into wine.
He was powerless to perform miracles in his hometown.
His followers were born-again through baptism in water.
He rode triumphantly into a city on a donkey. Tradition records that the inhabitants waved palm leaves.
He had 12 disciples.
He was accused of licentious behavior.
He was killed near the time of the Vernal Equinox, about MAR-21.
He died "as a sacrifice for the sins of the world."
He was hung on a tree, stake, or cross.
After death, he descended into hell.
On the third day after his death, he returned to life.
The cave where he was laid was visited by three of his female followers
He later ascended to heaven.
His titles:

· God made flesh.

· Savior of the world

· Son of God.

· He is "God made man," and equal to the Father.
He will return in the last days.
He will judge the human race at that time.
Humans are separated from God by original sin. The godman's sacrificial death reunites the believer with God and atones for the original sin.
WHO WAS HE? ...... He was the Egyptian god OSIRIS.

Amazing isn't it.......

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Comment by Trudy on February 18, 2010 at 2:41am
Hahahaha Yes it is really amazing how the people on earth were held under the thumb in the form of religion, or better said fairytales... but now we All know better.
Thank You jose v
Comment by Besimi on February 18, 2010 at 12:09am
..Very interesting indeed. Similarities with Church Christ.
....But Christ Himself,in one channeling tells us that He was actually born on the Spring. Not on dec 25.
thnx Jose for this amazing post.Namaste.

From a channaled message of Christ:
''Over a period of years, the church simply took what was already a popular time for rituals and celebrations and added me to that event. If you are a new reader I hope this will not be disturbing news to you, but I was actually born in the springtime. However, I am very content and totally willing to assist in any celebration during the longest, darkest day and night of the year in the northern hemisphere. This longest day of darkness is quite depressing to people even today when you have easy access to various lighting systems that earlier peoples lacked.''
Comment by Vaddix on February 17, 2010 at 10:59pm
Comment by Tetragrammaton on February 17, 2010 at 10:33pm

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