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*BREAKING HISTORICAL NEWS!!* John Hutchison's Frequency Experiment in Gulf of Mexico, Lab Results In!

Sent: Wed, October 27, 2010 5:06:28 AM
Subject: ****Hutchison Frequency Experiment in Gulf of Mexico..SUCCESS!!****

Hello everyone....The test results are in from our frequency experiment in the Gulf of Mexico. Learning and operating within the Laws of much more fulfilling than dealing with corrupt judges....I miss all of you, it has been a very, very long trip.....See the story below....Nancy


Chemist Bob Naman Pres. of ACT Labs, has provided us the attached report from the control sample taken at Perdido Bay last week - test results completed today after the 'treated' sample provided...


See the explosive summary in the report attached! Indeed this could be deemed a miracle,
but from the hard work and efforts and love of Mother Earth and her living beings from
scientist John Hutchison and his partner Nancy Lazaryan, it has been possible.

The Gulf residents may finally have HOPE for turning their Gulf back and restore it to a healthy body as it once was.

I have had the pleasure of working with both of them since early July while they were in their Canadian Lab. They came on the radio with me with Dr Robin Falkov that month as I spoke of my Gulf work and shared their intentions and now we are finally at the amazing results. I am more than honored to bring you this exclusive report.

Below is the background of what this really means and what was involved, from Nancy Lazaryan. These two people are truly a GIFT to us on the planet and please share this information far and wide.
Radio shows I expect will be forthcoming.

Thanks for all of those who sent their OWN loving healing intentions and prayers down to the Gulf when they were doing this. THEY ARE NOT DONE!! We have many more tests to do and
need all hands on deck to continue to send the Gulf our intentions to help continue the healing and repair! We are just getting started here! So please keep them coming!

Exclusive report from Nancy Lazaryan.

John Hutchison, scientist from Vancouver, BC and Nancy Lazaryan from Minnesota sought to help those affected in the Gulf of Mexico by the oil spill disaster.

Hutchison is world famous for his work with frequencies. Lazaryan can be described as intuitive. Samples of polluted Gulf water where sent to Hutchison's lab in Vancouver. Hutchison and Lazaryan worked together to identify certain ancient harmonics that have been used for healing. These frequencies were applied both with audio and radio waves to the polluted water samples.

Finding success in these limited experiments, Hutchison and Lazaryan packed up the necessary lab equipment into a
borrowed trailer, and with a borrowed farm truck, left Canada to come to the Gulf.

The chemical analysis from the first "open air frequencies" experiment in Perdido Bay have shown the Gulf water can be restored to health.

Restored without the use of dispersants, chemicals or burning.
Restored by use of Solfeggio tones, also known as Gregorian chants, and a harmonic "stream of sound".

The inspiration for these harmonics comes from the Essenes, a sect of Israel that Jesus was a member. The Essenes "inner circle" taught of the "stream of sound", the harmonics of the Creator.

Hutchison and Lazaryan endeavored to bring the "stream of sound" to the damaged waters of the Gulf. One of the tones used by Hutchison, 528 hz, is the frequency of the planet Jupiter. You can see Jupiter in the night sky, if you look for the bright light directly to the right of the moon. 528 hz is known by the ancients to be the "healing
frequency" and to repair DNA.

Hutchison and Lazaryan are NOT asking for ANY money for the work that they are doing. This is a gift.

"We declare PEACE," says Lazaryan, "the war upon the Gulf is over."

Thanks for being of part of this history making event. Please share as you wish.

Warmest regards,


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Comment by Besimi on October 28, 2010 at 7:44pm
awwww! that's so nice to know. And yes! we will send more love & prayers to Gulf ,till it heals completely.
....Thanks Jose,for bringing to us,these wonderful news bro.
....Great lovely Soul,that You truly are. NAMASTE.
Comment by Simmy on October 28, 2010 at 10:25am
Wonderful news!
Comment by CHRISTINA on October 28, 2010 at 10:14am
To me also proof that global meditations, prayers and intentions are powerful!!! Now we can do the same thing with CHEMTRAILS, right???

Great share, jose_v. Thank You.

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