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Breaking Excuses

There is no sure thing here.  No guarantee.  You could fight until your last breath and never be free.

But you might get free, and if you do you can inspire others to do the same.

Where to start?

There are patterns and cycles that have been created by others but exist within you.  Conditioned thoughts and behavior.  Most of this is coming from the subconscious mind.  This is a good place to start.

Learning to understand how the subconscious is influenced and conditioned or even programmed will help you avoid the influences simply by being aware. Unfortunately this is not quite enough.

To remove yourself from the game you have to not play. What your writer means by this is not sitting under a tree and meditating to raise your vibration. (The intended audience is already aware of this mind control program.  Higher vibration is vibrating faster, it does not imply "better")

Identify the influences and just like with symbols, reverse or redirect their polarity.

Make the subconscious, conscious.

You know how the tricks work, you will also notice, you do them too.  Stop this.  Don't employ the tricks.

Let go of the lies you believe as well as the lies you tell yourself.  Avoid passing your lies to others. Don't alter your approach to be more effective if it does not come from an honest place and for a true reason.

Don't do to others what has been done to you.

Your ability to create is linked to imagination and requires action.  Not simply dreaming dreams.

What have they been using against us?  How does it work?  What do we do so that it cannot work?

Bring the light to the dark.

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