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Bradley Loves asks our help . . .


For the first time in my life – I feel as if I’m doing something that I really love to do, please help me to continue.

I have been a carpenter for over 25 years – and have run my own business for 10 years.

Last year – at the end of 2014 – I decided to take all my years of research and study into the secret or hidden side of what was happening in our world, and put all of that hard earned knowledge into articles – so that others could have the benefit of what I knew.

In November 2014 alone I wrote 15 articles which were published on Jean Haines blog.

At that time I was working 10 hours a day and after work coming home and writing far into the night.

As a result of the economy being sluggish – or as a result of having been placed on some sort of “no work” list – I find that several jobs I had lined up for this spring simply dried up.  Three or four separate serious remodel projects have simply vanished with no good explanation as to why they are not going forward with the work!

As of this writing – I am unable to meet my monthly expenses and am asking you for help!  If you can find even the smallest amount of value in what I have written in the past 5 months, or value in the information that I’ve shared – then help me to continue to disclose this very important information!

Three decades ago, I went through a very rough time while dealing with Astral Implants and other types of significant outside interference with my life.  It was very difficult for me then.  This would be the second time that I’ve had to go through that kind of thing, and suspect it has to do with the “type” of material that I am writing about, and the level of information I am actually disclosing.

I have opened up a “PayPal” account which is connected to a personal e-mail address.

If you could see your way forward to make a donation to help me to cover my short term monthly expenses, I would be eternally grateful!

The e-mail address to use for PayPal donations is:

Thank you for your support!

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