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Blue Ray Healing ~Incoming Energies for March 2011

Blue Ray Healing

Incoming Energies for March 2011

Deb Graves Araznu

It seems many people are seeking answers as to why they are feeling "out of sorts"
wanting to know why do I feel this way, one day full of energy,
the next so drained they can hardly muster the strength to get out of bed.
It is all connected to the incoming energies from the galactic core
and our own beautiful sun.
When there are solar flares and geomagnetic storms,
many feel energized almost buzzing with high vibrations,
that is because it is exactly what is happening.
These incoming energies are affecting our very beings super charging them so to speak.
When high energies are activating our very core it is understandable
that we would then feel the low as our bodies integrate these vibrations.
We are literally anchoring the charged energy through our bodies
and grounding this to Earth Mother.
To ease the symptoms it is suggested that you drink large amounts of fresh water
and spend time outside in nature, or ground your energies with yoga
or other forms of grounding.

In this image you can see green healing energies along with
the orange transformational vibrations.
The violet holds the energy for the transmutation of all non healed energies,
along with that the magenta of the purifying and balancing feminine aspect.


Arcturian Message:

Strong emanations and vibrations continue to pour forth form the galactic center,
this energy carries the rainbow ray, which is activating within all a desire for peace, love, harmony,
calm and balance.
Also with this ray comes a sense of becoming a worldwide community
assisting each other to reach your highest potential.

The vibrational frequencies of the rainbow ray is also accelerating the installation
and activation of the new chakras.
Higher energy centers are moving down into the physical body
transforming your very beings.

These same energies are affecting Earth Mother,
causing her to release and shift in many ways.
Weather patterns will continue to be extreme, and earthquakes and eruptions
are more of a possibility in areas not prone for such occurrences,
this happens as the magnetosphere continues to shift.

Much Love and Blessings
Deb Graves Araznu.  

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Comment by Claude on March 3, 2011 at 8:11pm

Thank You...Wise Loving Soul You Besimi..!:))))


Great Divine Love to You...Great Being !

Comment by Besimi on March 1, 2011 at 11:55pm

Namaste ,Dear Claude :):):)

...very nice post bro.  Much love to You Great guy.

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