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It's about 5:15 am here and i live near Cleveland, Ohio.
I was just outside running and noticed a blinking star on the sky it seemed to change colors mostly white and light blue but also to a bit redish too. It is a little bigger than other starts. I wasn't even looking up in the sky and still noticed it. After i was done with my run I stopped and was looking at it for a while, it looked like it was blinking or pulsing and changing colors, and than i noticed straight above it a little smaller star completely red or orange, never seen it before.

Wondering if anyone else can see it, i think its still visible.

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Comment by Vaddix on October 4, 2010 at 11:38am
stars twinkle and appear to change colors. Now if they move and shoot off at impossible speeds then you gut something there.
But what your seeing is stars light from so far a away through our own atmosphere distorting the color spectrum. that's why the change color. You know large parts of the moon is actually blueish green? and mars isn't actually red. its just sand colored.

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