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blossom goodchild new channeling 21st feb 2009

The Federation of Light resumes communication.

1. Feb 21st 2009.

I going to try because I can feel something going on in my heart and my mind; I’m just not sure what. I ask that if you are ready to take up communication with me again in TRUTH for the betterment of mankind then so be it. I have no agenda on my mind, I am simply seeing if you are about and if you are have you anything you would like to say?

Dearest Lady, welcome to you after our little break away … not from your planet …. but from communication. As we stated, this was necessary and much has taken place within the growth of many. Enlightenment has occurred and taken souls to refreshing heights within themselves. This has led to a greater understanding and acknowledgement of THEIR OWN TRUTH which as you will agree has been our aim along. There is much speculation upon your earth levels as to whether we are here …. Still? …. Naturally, for we meant what we said that we would not abort our mission. This is not a game we play. We do not toy with another’s life for each souls existence at this time is of much importance in the uplifting of the vibration. Every one of you has a reason for being on your planet at this precious time.

Many of you are here as anchors. By this we mean that as the new vibration filters through you are able to ‘earth’ it … keep it with you. You act as these anchors because you agreed to do so. It is not always easy , for there are times when the wind sways and one feels out of sorts for they are unaware of what they are achieving on a level unknown to them. This is the case for many of you. You do not ‘Feel’ what you are ‘up to’, and yet much is being achieved and settled into its rightful holdings. The more the vibration is settling down, the further one is able to “SEE” into their future … for want of a way of putting it.

Ladies and gentlemen of the human race … Take pride in the knowledge of who you are, for it is through this strength that you are able to Ascend into your new form. We cannot give you specifics at this time, for it is a process that is to be taken step by step. If you were to be shown what your world in the future is to be like you would miss out on the importance of the journey and that of which each step has to show you. Much provision is marked out along the way and it is necessary for each one to ‘collect’ what is theirs as they move forward.We have been addressing the fact that each must follow their own TRUTH. This is why. Because it is only by doing this that one is able to BE THEIR TRUTH. If you go along with another’s Truth because you think you should then you will not ‘collect’ YOURSELF along the way. It is difficult to put in your earthly terms.

We do not change our ways in the sense of repeating over to you the importance of connecting with your inner /Higher self. If you reside ultimately only on the outskirts of yourself then you will ‘miss the boat’ so to speak. Your knowledge MUST come from within. For there and only there, your TRUTH resides … FOR EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU.

There is much talk it seems regarding an appearance from us in the days ahead and one says there is an excitement in the air …. WE ARE ALREADY HERE … many of you accept this as your TRUTH. Ask yourselves this … do you think your world is ready for us? On the whole? We have plans that shall lead to our eventual disclosure. Your world is changing on the surface and much is being uncovered that has been hidden. There is far more to be ‘uncovered’ than you could ever imagine, and when it is, it is essential that those who recognise the TRUTHS of old are in a position within their souls to accept the timing of all that is revealed. For many ‘could’ feel totally disgruntled at what has been kept from them and an ‘uprising’ of the wrong kind could erupt. Therefore we, like you, deal with each passing moment. We must assess the best possible outcome for mankind as a whole, before we come leaping in unannounced!!

Is that what you will do then? Just show up when we are least expecting it?

When that time is upon your planet, it will not be possible for us just to ‘pop up/out/in! There will be undoubtable prologues to our arrival in the way that everyone was expecting in the day of your previous year. We say to you that this SHALL come about … in your lifetime Blossom.

Mmm! Let’s hope so … and let’s hope I haven’t lost all me marbles by then so I can experience the wonder that I KNOW you will bring. I shall be there waving my Zimmer frame in the air claiming with my last breath ‘ I KNEW I was right! I just knew it!” then promptly keel over and pop me clogs! … On a more serious note ... my thoughts are that you will come before 2012, because I thought that is why you are coming … to assist us move into that time … THE GOLDEN AGE.

As indeed we are doing as we speak with you now. In your minds eye we are showing to you a Golden Disc with the centre being a hole, you are seeing it now like a portal. Understand this friends of earth, there is much that is to take place in the months of this year that will astound. It is in preparation for what lies ahead. It is moving into the days when more shall be revealed in order for you to ‘awaken’ further from your deep sleep. As you come to accept the ‘miracles’ that are happening before your very eyes, you will come to accept also, that this ASCENSION that is ‘the talk of the town’ is without doubt well underway. You can choose to be part of it. You can choose your level of involvement. What you allow to happen for yourself is YOUR CHOICE.

IF YOU LISTEN TO YOUR SOUL IT WILL LEAD YOU FORWARD INTO A TIME OF NEW PRIVILEGES THAT ARE THERE FOR THOSE WHO DESIRE TO FULLFILL THEIR EARTHLY PURPOSE. Why you are here at this time is for each one of you to discover for yourselves. Yet, we tell you this; within each one of you is the potential to be the master of your own destiny. If you were to create a world … what would it be of? … We are looking toward the answer of LOVE. This is your New World. You all KNOW it … for it is where you have travelled from and where you are walking to … LOVE … ONLY LOVE … ALWAYS LOVE.

I feel that is it for today. Can’t tell you how good it is to have you ‘back on board!’. Is my feeling correct in that you will let me know when next to say hello to you as opposed to how it was before … ie on a weekly basis?

This is so. May we finish this by saying …


Be good if it was before Oct 14th of this year then the gentleman in England who made the bet in order to spread the word for you, can become a very rich man ... and he promised he’d buy me a bag of lollies!!! ( google William Hill Oct 14th UFO bet. As far as I am aware the bet stands for a year!)


Whoa!!!! …. Stop right there … Although, it would be good if all you talk about was to be within this year. That would certainly ‘shift’ things along at the speed of Light! My friends from elsewhere, it’s so good to be back chatting. I feel White Cloud very much a part of ‘you/this’ today … why is that?

This too shall be revealed in its own good time!

I’m laughing … (with all respect) my chubby little White Cloud in a Treky suit … I think not!! … Love it!! A pleasure my friends. My heart is singing. Thank you for today.

The pleasure is ours, yours, everyones. Be of Love as you go about your days. Love only Love. Adieu.

Adieu? Are you White Cloud?

Indeed we are not … and yet …

Surely you are not going to leave me dangling …..

Adieu my friend adieu.

By that I would ‘assume’ … Oh that’s right … I am learning not to assume anymore, because assumptions are usually wrong!

Until next time. Love Light Laughter and Golden Rays to you … ALL!

In Love and thanks .

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Comment by Rocanon on February 22, 2009 at 4:24am
Long time ago, when I was back home. in Mexico, I try to do what I though It was my job in this life, (this is before I got conscience about my heritage of light), and I try to change the status of millions who live in ignorance and isolation in my country, to do that I got related with others who think that the destiny of good people should be another than to be slave for life.
Everything was going perfect, our mistake it was we forgot the historical progress of the community in power, we forgot that since they where in power they would have the control of the repression engine, which is the police and military systems.
We being naïve thinking that soldiers and police men, looking we where trying to change the situation of their own families and surrounding people, first, they would think about their own duty and income dependence.
In some point we blame them for their weaknesses and rejection of the reality, but we never tough about to teach them about the chances of find a new way, this is, we never tough about to create conscience between them and the people under oppression.
That it was our mistake, the waiting of some kind of miracle that would help doing the work we never tough about.
The same is happening now, we are expecting for ET’s to do something we don’t think we are capable to do.
I don’t try to put them in bad image in front of you, what I am trying to say is, we don’t depend of them to grow, we don’t need exterior help to change and fin the way to create a better world.
Personally I can’t put away the felling of betray and deception projected from them, maybe it just me, maybe I was the bad one and they decide to let me here, but that’s a feeling that so far I can’t remove from my soul, I might be wrong but that’s how I feel. So, I don’t trust them.
By other side the ascension it will happen, no matter what, and the capacity of the human race will be unleashed, and looking trough our history, looking of the master pieces full of beauty, and of course the horrors, that we are able to create, it shows how far we can go, and I don’t think we will take the dark side, since now we know better, we will create a better world, because at this point, we supposed to know which is the best way to live in this world, so I don’t think we should depend of exterior help, I think we are going to do well, I trust so much in my brother the human, that I don’t need to think in any other help.
After this I don’t expect to be accepted in a more advanced community, instead, I will consider if I will accept other community in my world, because with you my brothers and sisters, I have more than enough.
God bless you for be there.

All my love and light to you my fellow human


P.S. This is just my two cents.
Comment by Andy (UK) on February 21, 2009 at 4:10am
looks like blossom is going to keep us waiting all year again for another oct 14th event that will miraculously be aborted at the last minute

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