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~Blessing In Your Life, On the Earth Plane ~

How to have anything Blessed in your life, this one on the Earth Plane

As one begins in life to open to the many possibilities on the spiritual path,
the concept of wholeness and all that this entails comes up again and again.
On my journey through life I have many opportunities to explore what wholeness means.
Each part of nature is considered a gift and is used in its wholeness.
This way of use reveres the source of the gift, giving a wholeness or completeness,
to the cycle that is not present in the current earth engineering paradigm.
This is not to say the the current earth paradigm
could not be modified to simply daily include reverence.
To include reverence of Source in all aspects of life provides the level of wholeness,
of completion that allows a transmutation of wonderful magical proportions to truly occur.
An aspect of reverenceis blessing. Blessing is not a new concept.
I have simply learned to use blessing as a practice that has added a wholeness,
that did not exist befire the use.
The sacred use of blessing is to invoke spirit to Energetically,
support the task at hand, be it providing the complete nutrition required of the meal,
clearing the space one resides in, or providing the energetic path,
(the energies that are all around us), "like our own personal Aura"- for a civilization to follow.
All are blessings and all invoke of Honour the wholeness of beeing.
Blessing is Intent, the intent to allow Spirit to direct the Energetic flow,
in such a way as to provide that which Spirit sees is Necessary in one's life.
Blessing allows the mundane to truly become Sacred. for example,
with sufficient Blessing, drinking Wine, preparing and eating a meal,
can all become sacred events with none of the harmful side effects,
normally associated with such acts. Blessing wine with the Intent of providing Joy,
in the Imbibing allows for consumption without the effects of Drunkeness,
normally associated with drinking many glasses of the Elixir of the Gods.
Blessing tobacco before use allows for the pleasure of smoking without,
the addictive effect or destruction of Lung tissue normally associated with smoking.
Preparing foods with a blessed Intent allows for not only more delicious meals,
this is beautiful, but the amount of food eaten is usually less because the food,
is so full Energetically that the body does not need as much food to feel full.
Great healing can occur as the Space you move through during your day is blessed.
Blessing the restaurants you eat in can provide remarkable results.
The Chef in a restaurant I know of has changed from stressed out to energetic,
and even in their beeing. Malls can be cleared of the ever-present oppressiveness.
Trees in the Park can be freed of the burden of Managing the energetic dumping,
that most humans do with the Nature Kingdom.
Blessing does not require an elaborate visual ceremony.
This type of blessing is for focusing grour intent for a specific purpose.
Most blessing is done silently without fanfare and simply allows Spirit,
to move through your life form.
Blessing that which you ingest (food,wine as example)
The Natives Know This.
It requires the Intent of the blessing and Works best when the blessing,
is Directed Through your Handsby Spirit. In this way, the Clearing and Energetic Changing,
is most easily accomplished.
Life on Earth becomes Sacred when the conscious Intent is to Bless life,
and all that occurs in your life. In the blessedness, spirit is consciously Present,
and Conciously allowed to work in the world on this beautiful Planet "Mother Earth"
Starseed Claude

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