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Between the Inhale and the Exhale

Inspiration by Kate Spreckley 

November 24, 2021


There is a moment in the birthing process where everything becomes still.  It is a moment of quiet before the next cycle of contraction begins.  It is the space between the inhale and the exhale.  We are in this space now and preparing for the great exhale that will come with the Solar Eclipse on the 4th of December.  

The energies are gathering and building creating an unsettling intensity to this space which is uncomfortable and difficult to navigate.  You may feel off centre and uncertain as your awareness is brought to the space between what is known and what is unknown.  Fears may surface and you may feel lost and confused.    However, this is a powerful time where your human consciousness is adjusting and bonding with the core of your soul.  Your energy field is being rewired and your vibration is changing.  As a result, you will begin to see the world differently and your experience of the world will be different.  For some this will entail a dramatic shift in consciousness.  For others the experience will be more subtle.  Whatever your experience is be mindful that at the depths of your being something powerful is occurring.

Kate Spreckley 

As a coach, energy practitioner, speaker and facilitator Kate Spreckley allows her natural skills and abilities to guide and support those who are in search of awakening, healing, growth and transformation. Over the years Kate has allowed her inner guidance to shape the way in which she works. This enables her to now offer a creative mix of everything that she has found to be the most useful and effective..... Read more
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