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Better late than never Saint Germain Through Sharon Stewart

Better late than never
Saint Germain
Through Sharon Stewart

Question 1 from Linnea:

Hello Saint Germain, Tiannia of Vega and Ivoron! (Yes, I like to use galactic names, I think that I honor the person then). I have come to the conclusion that I am a starseed from the Pleiades. My higher self has also revealed to me that I am the intergalactic daughter of Lord Commander Ashtar Sheran, and That’s not a lie, as I HATE people who lie! My question is: What can I do to be more safe when I am doing spiritual warfare? Can I get help from the Galactics?

Me: You've been talking to reptilians. You you honestly believe this is true. Ashtar says he has no family on this planet. Do you know how many people I've met that believe the same thing as you do? A lot! Either Ashtar is the most prolific extraterrestrial going or the dark ones have been weaving their magic spells again.

St Germain: Your question of protecting yourself doing spiritual warfare, which I assume is also while talking to your higher self, is what I call “better late than never.” Your inner sense that you must protect yourself is a result of the consequences you have experienced by not protecting yourself and we see this here....+

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