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BenjaminFulford : The Bush Nazis and their spies try to entrap the Black Dragon Society

BenjaminFulford :The Bush Nazis and their spies try to entrap the Black Dragon Society

In a sign of desperation, the Papa Bush Thule society Nazis sent a self-described KGB, Serbian Secret Police, MI6 (probably Mossad too) triple or quadruple agent on a mission to try to tempt the Black Dragon Society into criminal activity. However, the BDS is a political organization and, although we are allowed to and are very capable of defending ourselves, we do not do crime.

We are pretty sure the agent himself does not know who he ultimately reports to but clearly, by his actions, we know the trail must ultimately lead to George Bush Senior and his crime family. No matter how many layers of camouflage and deception they may use, in the end their actions betray them. Our response is to invite George Bush Senior (although he is reported to be extremely senile) or Barbara or whoever is in charge to come to Japan and negotiate directly with the Black Dragons. There is no need for subterfuge, it just wastes time.

In a similar note, the MI6 source who gives Christopher Story bogus information about me is, by doing so and by trying to promote infighting amongst fellow foes of the Nazis, clearly reporting to George Bush Senior. We would like to suggest to MI6 that they remove this person from their command structure.

Meanwhile, we now know the Bush faction and their pet Obama managed to extend the October 27th deadline to repay a $1 trillion loan from the Chinese by allowing a top Chinese general to visit the US and cherry-pick the best of US military technology.

However, the Papa Bush faction clearly still needs more money. They asked the Black Dragon Society to sell them some gold in exchange for Fiat dollars so they could give Obama a bunch of money when he comes to Japan in November. Our answer: no way jose. Not a penny or yen shall you get.

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Comment by Besimi on November 2, 2009 at 10:40pm
Very interesting ! ..thnx Jose for post.Namaste.

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