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BenJaminFulFord :European royal families receive stern warning from powerful new secret group

A major breakthrough in the financial logjam is imminent according to three separate sources: a Chinese politburo agent, a member of the British Royal Family and a CIA source. The CIA and British sources said some very powerful group had emerged and warned the European Royal Families to back off and relinquish control of the US and European financial systems. This group has also, according to these sources, given the Pentagon an ultimatum that it will be forced to obey. In addition, they said the world financial system would be reset to 1916 levels in a major jubilee. This would abolish all World War I and II related restitution payments among other things.
They both said a deadline had been set for this Friday or March 26th although it was possible no announcement would be made until the 29th. These sources have made many predictions in the past centering around specific dates only to find the Nazi cabal escape from yet another deadline using some new trick. That means we need to be very cautious about specific dates. Our policy remains: we will believe when we see it.

However, the Chinese politburo source separately mentioned that vast amounts of funding would be made available to a large variety of groups, including the BDS, on March 26th. This money would be invested, among other things, in vast projects to turn the deserts green and replenish the deserts. The Chinese envoy expressed a desire to have a constructive, equal relationship with the Black Dragon Society.

In another major development, the Serbian Black Hand society has affiliated itself with the BDS. This means the Slavic gangs that control much of the European drug trade are now ready to battle the Nazis yet again. These people were the partisans who caused the Nazis so much trouble during WWII. They are also extremely angry at what the Nazi US government did to Yugoslavia and are eager for revenge.

There were many other signs this week the US Nazi government is under extreme pressure. The most obvious was a US appeals court ruling to force the Federal Reserve Board to disclose which financial institutions it gave US taxpayer money to. Then there are the widely reported (even in the corporate propaganda media) claims by the “synagogue bomber” that the Feds were responsible for this attack. These are both serious signs the Federal control grid in the US is falling apart.

The US rogue-regime also received many new international blows against it. First of all both China and Japan are now officially and openly reducing their US Treasury holdings. Until now, Japan and China were just reducing their new purchases of Treasuries, not actively dumping them. In related moves, the US cancelled a scheduled trip to Japan by an envoy to discuss the US base issue. At the same time Obama suddenly postponed a scheduled Asian tour. It seems pretty clear he was told he was just not welcome.

Things are looking just as bad for the US in Europe. For example, just as Hillary Clinton arrived in Russia to ask for new pressure against Iran, Russia officially announces the nuclear reactor it is building in Iran will be completed this summer.

Our sources are also reporting many new arrests of bankers in Europe. Italian authorities, for example, are contemplating filing criminal charges against Merrill Lynch, Deutschebank, UBS and others for selling what they claim are fraudulent financial products to Italian local governments and others. The US money center banks that are still not Basel 2 and 3 compliant are being squeezed from all directions now.

In addition to this, the Japanese military/yakuza/rightwing/police nexus (i.e. the people who possess and are willing to use instruments of violence) is also beginning to apply major pressure on Japanese banks to hand over control of the yen printing presses. This means US colonial rule of Japan is being unwound now that the enforcers formerly in the employ of the Feds have stopped obeying orders. That means they will no longer hand over hard earned Japanese savings to the Feds. These people realized the US would not come to protect Japan against China when Obama ignored Japan and asked China to unite with the US to form a “G2.” The Chinese, of course, refused this offer because they know the rogue US regime has broken practically every single international treaty it ever signed.

The Japanese militant groups are by no means friendly to China and are planning to build an alliance of states bordering China (including Russia and India) aimed at making sure China does try to expand militarily beyond its own borders. They also are expecting to continue the US/Japan alliance after an expected regime change in the US.

This group expects a total revamping of Japan’s political landscape by this summer leading to the creation of three new major parties. They also predict a more nationalistic and independent minded Japan will emerge soon.

In Europe, meantime, despite efforts to patch things up, the Greek crisis is getting worse. There were open calls by Germany to expel Greece from the Euro last week. This was followed by a sharp repudiation from France meaning the two countries at the very core of the EU may be going their own different ways. The Greek government also suggested it would go to the IMF and forget about the EU (never mind that the IMF itself is bust).

Despite new talk of bailing out Greece, if that actually took place then Spain, Portugal, Italy and Ireland would also begin to seek hand outs. The Germans and Northern Europeans will not pick up their tab meaning the EU is heading for a slow motion train-wreck.

To conclude, although we are not yet allowed to discuss the nature of the new group that promises to end world rule by bankers, we are sure that rule is coming to an end. It is just a matter of time. Do not be too disappointed if the dark cabal evades the March 26th deadline because time is not on their side. Sooner rather than later their entire horrific structure of control and slavery will come to an end. Until it does, we must all remain extremely alert and be prepared for any nasty surprises these dangerous Satan worshipping criminals come up with.

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Comment by nonya on March 24, 2010 at 12:31pm
Thank you KAMALA, i am truley honored by what you said, but a queen I could not be without all of the good people to be my eyes and ears to reach out farther and help. Therefore, I would have to decline on the "title" because as in life and business, i would be nobody without people like you. love back atcha sister.
Comment by nonya on March 23, 2010 at 11:58pm
KAMALA.....hahaha steal the food from the children and sell it for profit????? are you kidding me? They are going to sell the children for profit. The food they will use to lure the children into slavery/prostitution.
As for the royals...a lot of people over in the UK love their queen. I made the mistake not too long ago of asking a brit about why they tolerate that war mongering, pence pinching smug bitch on the throne. And to my suprise, they were quite upset that I said that....oops. They were middle aged and quite content to have that hag run the country. I dont think anything will happen to the royals so long as the brits are ok with her presence. That country is the size of Ohio and she owns every frikkin blade of grass in it.....sigh.....i dont see and end to this....not without a bloody miracle.
Comment by nonya on March 23, 2010 at 7:33pm
"At the same time Obama suddenly postponed a scheduled Asian tour. It seems pretty clear he was told he was just not welcome."

what a stupid lie. He cancelled it to campaign for healthcare.
Comment by Trudy on March 22, 2010 at 5:55am
Again PaTricia you make my heart blossom with your respons, u are very clear in your thoughts ...
I've couldn't say it any better ... u are a true Light Being :)))

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