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Benjamin Fulford: The white hats control the weather, now it is time to control the rest

Benjamin Fulford: The white hats control the weather, now it is time to control the rest

Mon, October 6, 2014

October 6, 2014

As this article goes to press in Tokyo, Japan, Monday, October 6th, 2014, the night skies above are clear, following a sunny day of idyllic mild autumn weather. The problem was the Japanese meteorological agency (JMA) and all the corporate news outlets were saying Tokyo was supposed to be hit by a monster typhoon Phanfone today. Instead, all there was was some mildly heavy rain overnight with little or no wind. More remarkably, the JMA satellite imagery showed what appeared to be a wedge cutting the typhoon in half before it hit Tokyo.

Do you ever get that feeling of Déjà vu? Do you ever get that feeling of Déjà vu? This is not the first time a monster typhoon has vanished just before hitting Tokyo. On July 8th of this year super typhoon Neoguri was also supposed to devastate Tokyo but instead, as an astronaut watching from the International Space Station noted, “it was cut in half” and arrived as a moderate rainstorm.

Many other previous “super typhoons” have similarly vanished before hitting heavily populated areas in recent years.

In the US, no hurricane has landed in nearly 9 years (Sandy Hook was something else), something that is completely without precedent.

This is no coincidence. About 9 years ago, some people claiming to represent US special forces told the White Dragon Society they had seized the US weather warfare facilities from the cabal after a heavy gunfight. It seems they are now using the weather modification facilities to save lives, not take lives.

If any readers are still not aware that weather modification technology is real and has a long history, they should take note of the US/Soviet treaty of 1978 banning the use of weather modification for warfare.

Now that they have stopped weather modification terror attacks, it is time for the agency white hats to make another big move against the cabal. This time a clear target has emerged. If this target is hit with a bold military move, it will mean the end of cabal rule and freedom for the planet. A Pentagon psychological warfare expert who contacted this writer last week said the obvious target was…

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the Nazionist controlled Middle Eastern oil Monarchies. The officer, Second Lieutenant Scott Bennett of the 11th Psychological Operations Battalion, opened this Pandora’s box when he was given the job of uncovering terrorist financing. His entire story can be read here:

The gist of it is that he went through a long Kafkaesque nightmare because he took his job too seriously and actually traced the source of terrorist financing to his erstwhile employers Booz Allen Hamilton, as well as the Union Bank of Switzerland and Saudi Arabia. He soon figured out that neither the US Congress, nor the US Central Command nor any of the other people at the top of his chain of command were actually interested in cutting off terrorist financing.

Bennett, having been forced to watch movies of Americans being tortured to death by the “Al-Qaeda” (now ISIS) terrorists he was supposed to be fighting, joins the long list of military and ex-military who realize they have been conned into fighting for criminals.

Well, now a clear military target has emerged and a comprehensive solution to the never ending “war on terror” is available. As the cabal puppet leaders like US President Barack Hussein Obama say, an alliance must be built to attack ISIS. However, forensic analysis by the UK’s MI6 and other intelligence make it clear ISIS is run out of Jerusalem and financed by Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

So, if Nato is serious about ending fundamentalist pseudo-Islamic terror, they have a clear target. All they need to do is support the 1.5 million man strong secular Islamist Turkish army in a move on Saudi Arabia and the other gulf puppet monarchies. Putting these countries back under the historical Turkish umbrella will immediately cut off all flow of Middle Eastern petro-dollars to Nazi/Zionist controlled Western mega-banks. The flow of Middle Eastern oil money could then be redirected via the white hats for peaceful purposes.

Such a move would also enormously strengthen the West financially vis a vis the rising Asian powers.
The Russians and Chinese would accept such a move as long as it led to a cut off of terrorists attacks they experience and as long as it did not threaten their own energy interests.

The Israelis would be able to live in complete security as a Jewish autonomous zone within the expanded Turkish republic. They would also have to choose between either accepting a two-state solution with the Palestinians or, paying vast sums of reparation money to buy them out of their remaining pockets of land within Israel.

In any case, if the white hats of the West do not make such a bold move, it is game over. A recent analysis by a group known as the Geneva Report provides convincing numerical evidence that world debt is increasing far faster than world economic growth can pay for it and so, a global default looms.

Also, the usual psy-ops and “color revolutions” the Nazionist rulers of the West have used to keep governments in line are just not working any more. The murderous agents provocateurs sent to kill civilians in the Eastern Ukraine are now being systematically hunted down and killed. For the Slavs, it is pay-back for what happened to Yugoslavia.

In China too, attempts to stir up trouble are not getting anywhere. The so-called “Umbrella revolution” in Hong Kong is fizzling out. When the amount of demonstrators dwindled to a few hundred, some “triad gangsters” showed up and started beating the demonstrators. This was followed by a massive social media campaign saying “help, poor student protesters are being attacked by gangsters and the police are doing nothing.” It is almost certain these gangsters were paid by the Nazionists to boost protester numbers by creating sympathy. It is an old trick but it is not working as well as it used to.

Likewise, attempts to stir up trouble between North and South Korea are no longer working. Last week saw a surprise visit by a senior North Korean delegation to South Korea. According to a top communist Chinese agent, North Korea’s de facto leader is General O Kuk Ryol,

a Russian and Chinese speaking intelligence officer who is very close to the ruling Kim dynasty. Kim Jong Un is more of a figure-head, who has not appeared in public for over a month because of a foot operation, he said. In any case, the North Koreans want peace, prosperity, and the harmonious reunification of the Korean peninsula, not war.

In Japan, as well, cabal attempts to stir up war feelings under the Abe slave regime have backfired. Abe and his regime have lost public support because of it. Furthermore, the Americans have been told by their Chinese creditors to jerk Abe’s chain and they did, which is why the Japanese regime has stopped its China baiting.

The other big cabal campaign is the ongoing so-called ebola outbreak. This however, is not producing the expected panic and obedience the cabal expected. People just do not believe their pandemic story.
Overall, it is not a happy time to be a Nazionist cabalist.

In the back-ground, representatives of both the P2 Freemason lodge and the British committee of 300 are trying to negotiate a new financial system that reflects current global realities. They are also seriously considering a jubilee, or one-time write off of all debts, public and private for the entire planet.

The White Dragon Society is proposing setting up a meritocratically staffed future planning agency with an annual budget of trillions of dollars to plan a massive campaign to end poverty, stop environmental destruction and build a new age of wonder. Such an agency would absorb the healthy parts of the World Bank, the IMF and the BIS. It would work in harmony with the new BRICS economic institutions.

It is not clear when public announcements of the changes will be made but, there is a growing understanding among power brokers that love and friendship is winning over the traditional cabal control mechanisms of fear, hate, greed and lust.

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Comment by CHRISTINA on October 11, 2014 at 6:09am

Reader: "Ben's story just doesn't stack up.."

Posted By: Jordon [Send E-Mail]
Date: Monday, 6-Oct-2014 12:00:46

In Response To: Fulford Blurb: The White Hats Control The Weather, Now It's Time To... (Jordon)


Ben claims that the White Hats, assuming for the purpose of conversation that they exist; Ben claims that they have taken control of weather modification. Wrested it from the Black Hats.

I find that very hard to believe.

It will be easier for me to accept his claim after I see rain falling in California and all the other drought-stricken parts of the country, including the part I live in.

This White Hat intervention is not something that happened just last week, to hear Ben tell it. The big storm that was to hit Japan in July was dissipated before it hit the shore. Not only that, but Ben says that

About 9 years ago, some people claiming to represent US special forces told the White Dragon Society they had seized the US weather warfare facilities from the cabal after a heavy gunfight.

Apparently those White Dragon people will fall for anything. If the good guys took over the weather warfare facilities NINE YEARS AGO, then why was Japan threatened with a hurricane in July and again in October? And if the good guys really did seize the US weather warfare facilities, why is so much of the country in a drough now??

Ol' Ben did not identify the location of these weather warfare facilities. Does he know that it's all done by satellites now? These satellites gotta be directed from somewhere on the ground. Tell us, Ben. Where? And tell us, Ben, why we are still in a drought with whole cities going dry if the good guys took out the weather war facilities NINE YEARS AGO?

Ben's story just doesn't stack up.

It is much more likely that the weather warfare goons are still in control. The typhoon[s] that threatened Japan? That's the weather warfare equivalent of a stick-up. "Your money or your life". So you give the gunman your money. My analysis of it is this: It is likely that Japan was given a choice to either do something that the bad guys wanted, or maybe stop doing something that was a threat to the bad guys economic control on the world.

Weather warfare is the ultimate in plausible deniability. Japan may have been told that if it doesn't stop generating electricity out of thin air, they get hit with a typhoon. Enormous amount of damage. The world's masses, and the ones in Japan, see it as a natural event. The leaders of Japan, they know they've been punished.

It appears that Japan had two problems with the world rulers, or the same problem twice. It is no secret that weather warfare is being conducted right now. That's how we got that huge Arctic bubble, dip, or whatever they called it earlier in this year.

Someone please tell Ben that Sandy Hook was the make-believe elementary school shooting. Not to be confused with Hurricane Sandy.

Just so you'll know, and if you tell Ben he won't care or won't believe; the reason we haven't had a major hurricane hit the states in years is because someone you know has been doing some work on the mental plane. The few hurricanes that have threatened the US have had their power reduced. I won't name that person in case you decide to post this. If you want more info, just ask.


Comment by Besimi on October 8, 2014 at 3:00am

David Wilcock: “Three Words Everyone Will Be Saying After The Arrests..” in comments on Fulford’s latest post

Comment by dwilcock on October 6, 2014 @ 11:29 pm

I have just returned as of last night from Minneapolis, where I interviewed five different speakers from the Paradigm Symposium for my new, upcoming show on Gaiam TV. I have been very, very busy, as we want to launch a bunch of episodes for the new show at once instead of trickling them out slowly. Plus I am still producing my other half-hour-a-week show, Wisdom Teachings, and filming with Ancient Aliens, which happens again tomorrow.

Thankfully it finally looks like I won’t be traveling for about a month. That will be the longest solid block of down-time I’ve had in months.

Here in LA we are having yet another outrageous heat-wave. In Minneapolis they seem to have just had a “polar vortex” hit again. My room temperature sank all the way to 62 and there was no way to increase it, since they cannot switch over from AC to heat that fast, building-wide.

Now I’m back home again and went right from being far too cold to being in a very uncomfortable heat wave, requiring me to run the AC at least through today.

So here’s the thing. People think HAARP is only one facility in Alaska. These facilities are worldwide. I do think some of them are now in control of the good guys, but certainly not all of them. We are seeing these systems being used to stop problems, but I believe with California we are seeing a massive, concentrated effort from multiple stations to attempt to ensure that it never, ever rains here.

I have some contract issues to sort out for my next book and the taping tomorrow, but I am familiar with all the questions, so I am going to get back into the article today and hopefully at least get part of it out. I try not to ever promise anything because life has a way of completely washing away the best-laid plans.

Interestingly, Kerry Cassidy had emailed me about the same guy Ben is referring to here. I read the entire PDF that Ben linked to in one sitting on the four-hour flight from LA to Minneapolis. It is quite compelling material and the writing style definitely kept me engaged after the initial few pages, particularly the single-spaced pages at the very beginning.

I also have someone who sends me a list of all the most significant articles in truth journalism each day. The amount of ebola articles right now is utterly massive. In fact, I’ve never seen so many articles written about one subject in truth journalism before since I started getting this list.

That being said, I completely agree with Ben. Despite there being screaming front-page headlines on the Drudge Report, Huffington Post and everywhere else that this situation is apparently “out of control,” it very much IS controlled.

In going through airports and talking to people, I saw no evidence whatsoever that anyone was concerned about Ebola. I overheard no comments about it. There was no sense of anyone doing anything to suggest they were worried about germs or viruses. It’s obvious that this narrative is being used to try to create fear and justify more war.

The three words everyone will be saying after the arrests, and once the tribunals begin, are:

We All Knew.

Not everyone knew as much before, but they are learning very quickly. I dropped some very heavy Disclosure information on two TSA guys and they didn’t have any trouble accepting it. In fact, they were very excited. These were ordinary guys.

People are ready. The physics is changing. Furthermore, when you beat people over and over again with various fear narratives, they finally get tired of being afraid and decide there is more to life than jumping on command every time the corrupted media tells them “Fear again! Fear again!”

The real issue, as always, is that there are ETs out there that are living off of our fear as a food and money supply. When you get angry, sad, stressed out, jealous, impatient, rude and dominant, you are paying them. This is the deepest and most significant reason why all this fear-oriented stuff is happening.

These entities are controlling the highest levels of the shadow government. Although everyone below these levels treats the top guys as godlike leaders, those leaders in turn are treated like factory-raised cattle by the negative ETs. That’s why so much of what’s going on — like this lust to reduce population — doesn’t make sense from any human perspective, no matter how sociopathic they are.

There are justifications within the Cabal for why they think population reduction is necessary, but the arguments are ridiculous. We have outside authorities we can look to for help with sustaining and balancing our population. We have the technology to feed and support many more people, and to colonize off-planet if we run out of space here. Furthermore, by allowing countries to develop, you actually decrease the birth rate, not the opposite, since people have children to help survive in a harsh environment.

This is some of what I will be talking about in the article. I am very glad to finally have enough time to actually do it, as there hasn’t even been a spare minute in the last week.

– David

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