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* Benjamin Fulford: "The Vatican is now the last obstacle to the new financial system" *

The Vatican is now the last obstacle to the new financial system

Talks this Monday between a representative of the White Dragon Society and two senior Vatican representatives (including the Papal Nuncio or ambassador to Washington) did not go well. The Vatican insist they have a right to steal trillions of dollars that do not belong to them because “the survival of the church is at stake.” This is simply not true, they are simply blocking the announcement of the new financial system because of a lust for raw power. The Vatican Banker, Daniele Del Bosco, who has hidden the close to $1 trillion in gold-backed bonds, has been trying to cash them with the help of a fraudulent organization known as the Office for International Treasury Control or OITC. An Interpol investigation has revealed the OITC has no mandate and no right to these funds.

The funds Del Bosco is hiding were earmarked to help Portugal, Spain and Italy end their respective financial crises. The $134.5 billion in bonds confiscated at the Italian/Swiss border in June of 2009 were linked to these funds. Del Bosco is about to be placed on an international wanted list and is now under 24-hour observation.

We can also add that according to both CIA and Yakuza sources, the Vatican dispatched two separate assassination squads to Japan with the goal of killing and silencing this writer. They seem to be under the mistaken belief doing so will suddenly give the Vatican the ability to cash these funds.

The Vatican will be provided financing to help it survive but only after they purge the Satanists from their top ranks.

We must also mention the new financial system is designed to finance a campaign to end poverty, stop environmental, end war and set humanity and life on a path for exponential expansion. The fact that the Vatican leadership is trying to prevent this from happening is good proof that they are going against the teachings of both Jesus Christ and of Roman Catholicism in general.

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Comment by Saiguest on July 1, 2010 at 2:33pm
I'm getting really confused with all these conspiracy theories. A few months ago we were all supposed to be afraid of the evil new financial system taking over the world, now you're promoting it?

For the last two years I have spent on this sight everyone and I mean EVERYONE that posted here has said almost daily to prepare for a worldwide currency that would be the end, now someone is saying it is a good thing? Jose's posts are always contradictory, not tryin to be a hater but man some continuity would be nice as this is gettin confusing.
Comment by Wade Hutchinson on July 1, 2010 at 11:11am
If this is true, then it's worse than I thought how low these cabals are willing to go to keep humanity down. They use God's name and then go against his laws, for Christ sake let the people of earth have what's theirs. I mean get out of the way you goons, your greed is beyond belief.

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