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Benjamin Fulford: The Earthquake Attacks are Linked to Negotiations

Benjamin Fulford: The Earthquake Attacks are Linked to Negotiations
Jordan, I bumped this to the top to keep it current as long as it could. Hope
you're OK with that...

Thank you very muxh Jordan. You just gave me another Human Hero that I just

Here's a very brief video comment about his contribution. I could not find
anything on the earthquake connection, but it does sound plausible, as he did do
reasearch on vibratory magnetic resonance, which can be linked to earthquakes.
The gov did burn his findings, but did they copy it first? Don't know...

Wilhelm Reich was a brilliant and benevolent research scientist and human
patriot, that found something the powerful didn't like, Hence, the same tactics
used before, and up to Now, were applied. Condemnation, imprisonment,
censorship, destruction, and a controversial death, and We can Witness the same
tactics being attempted today on Julian Assange.

Let us hope We have come to.... (and I do believe We have) ...a point that
his efforts will eclipse the small minds who favor power over Ethics, and that
people en masse, will cheer the Light such as his, that will eliminate darkness
forever and We can All share the bounty that life delivers..

Anybody who pokes in their dam holding back the truth, is removed and a
finger is inserted into the Wall. How many holes can they plug before the truth
gets so heavy that it comes rushing in?

Here a video biography of a man who should be greatly esteemed for what he
contributed to human freedom. It is a joy to see such a defender and enhancer of

He broke social taboos by exploring, what is pretty obvious to all, which is,
People love sex!
So how does that affect Social Well Being? It's in the

It gets into his life and times and how he came to America. WWI, WW!I, Cancer
Findings, His Dream..thats there too.

Of course. as with any person compassionate to human suffering the Gestapo
FDA Moves in, bans and burns his work with "Hienous Censorship" as he called it.
How he died (?) and Final Thought.. Well worth watching and celebrating those
who promulgate this video...

Finally, here is a paper on Tesla about Earthquakes.

Tesla's Earthquake Machine"

Love, Peace and Happy Holidays,



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