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The Feds are not going to go quietly into the night but they are going to go

The world’s financial boycott of the Federal Reserve Board is starting to kick into high gear but a lot of messy stuff lies ahead because the Feds are not going to go quietly into the night. A maritime blockade of the US is beginning as a part of this campaign. Members of the global elite, including Bilderbergers, are attempting to turn the global pyramid of power upside down, putting the poorest and weakest creatures of the planet on the top instead of the strongest and cruelest. Needless to say the ruthless Nazis are fighting tooth and nail to prevent this from happening.

The new financial system has been designed, with the help of the good people inside the elite, to make sure this planet never again experiences poverty or environmental destruction. The new pyramid of global power will be completely transparent and fair so that anybody can climb to the top, if they are good enough. There will be no one world government and no one world currency. All humans are to be freed from centralized control under the new system. The propaganda about a New World Order and a one world currency is coming from the Feds who have already been running a secret New World Order regime complete with a one world currency falsely labeled as the “US dollar.” So please do not believe the propaganda they are putting out. We are fighting to free humanity from thousands of years of horrific debt slavery.

Sources in MI6 continue to say the deadline is September 30th and that there will be signs of the end of the Fed on October 7th and 27th followed by a chaotic November. The Feds could even manage to cling on for a few months after that event as the remnants of evil on this planet try to keep in power. We must be vigilant, stock up on food, prepare for the worst but expect the best to win the final battle. Good will prevail over evil but we must not let our guard down even for a second.

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Comment by Magica on September 30, 2009 at 7:36am
"We are fighting to free humanity from thousands of years of horrific debt slavery". Why is taking them so long?

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