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Benjamin Fulford - Is Europe finally ready to pull plug on US rogue government?

Is Europe finally ready to pull plug on US rogue government?
Talks between the Black Dragon Society and representatives of the French, Italian and Russian governments indicate much of Continental Europe is getting ready to side with Britain and isolate the criminal regime in Washington D.C. A representative of former US vice-President Dick Cheney also contacted the BDS in Italy and indicated a large chunk of the US intelligence establishment was also looking to ally itself with Pentagon white hats and distance itself from the Washington D.C. crime syndicate. In relation to this, a representative of the US financial establishment was told by the BDS that they would have to remove and delete all the dollars created through fraudulent financial products before they would be welcomed back into the global financial system.
The criminals in D.C. and their propaganda media may continue their farce for a while longer but rest of the world is already tuning out of their sick, twisted world view. They no longer have the ability to manipulate world events and suppress free energy technology.
There are many ongoing negotiations which are complex and technical in nature so it is not clear exactly when the new global paradigm will be publicly announced. However, we can say for sure that behind the scenes the dark cabal is no longer in charge.

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Comment by JIM4HOPE on February 28, 2010 at 8:31am
There still in charge of the chemtrails that are being used just as much if not more on a global scale ....

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