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Benjamin Fulford: Here is what Leo Zagami had to say:

[19/06/2010 09:10:09] Benjamin Fulford: Here is what Leo Zagami had to say: --------------
> Dear Benjamin,
> I talked to Daniele a couple of times and I am under the impression there is no intention from the elite to reform the present monetary sistem just like you said and like I told you last year over and over again in Japan. But dear Benjamin im also sure that this person called Neil is a disinfo agent regarding the info he is giving you about Dal Bosco who is definetely not involved to my knowledge in such a scam or any illegal activity. In any case Im not involved and I wish to stay out of it because me and my associates are busy with much more serious issues at the moment, we are preparing for civil unrest,global chaos and war and we dont believe is possible to save the present civilization with the reform of the monetary sistem or any other reform but we believe in laying the foundations of a new Empire FREE OF THE VATICAN SATAN that we will destroy with the help of our Cosmic Brothers
> in the end of times coming up soon.We are dealing for a long time in secret with these beings from other parts of the universe arriving to us through dimensional portals only known to the Secret Chiefs,we are dealing with the ones who are not working with the Jesuits of course the Angelic realm.
> You are free to believe this or not dear Benjamin but you should come and visit the reincarnation of Elia the Prophet inside the body of Giorgio Bongiovanni the stigmatized guy who is currentely heading the Cosmic Brotherhood we started in Sicily many years ago with Eugenio Siracusa.Last year in the mountains of Switzerland some key members of the Swiss illuminati including Daniele Dal Bosco met with the Alien beings near the town of Stein to seal the deal that will destroy the papacy and instal the Kingdom of the Space Gods under the One God I hope we can now introduce you to some more serious topics then the rubbish of this guy called Neil who is a slave of the system a puppet who thinks he can go after people who are protected at the highest level but as I told you earlier I dont want to be involved but if you want I can finaly introduce you to the real illuminati who are getting rea
> dy for 2013 when the sistem will finaly crack under the preSsure of the solar storm combined with civil unrest,famine,pestilence and war.
> Regards yours,
> Leo Lyon Zagami 33o AASR
> The Grand Master of the OIU

The following e-mail was sent by a senior Italian operative. I have posted it as is.

correction to story on Dark Cabal
The story as published says Indonesian President Suharto, that should have read Sukarno.

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