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Benjamin Fulford: Federal Reserve Board Crime Syndicate Now Threatening Japan with "Star Wars" Space Based Weapons

As the United States Corporate government heads for bankruptcy, the oligarchs running it are now threatening to attack Japan with space-based "star wars" weaponry put into orbit during the Reagan era.

The threats came in the form of e-mails entitled "HAARP will not be silent." This came after the HAARP facility in Alaska went offline. The blue lights seen during the April 7th earthquake that hit Miyagi prefecture may be a sign the weapons are already being used. Other warnings indicate April 11 or 411 may be a likely day of attack. The allies of the White Dragon are hereby requested to destroy or decomission this space-based weaponry before more innocent people are killed by the criminal cabal still running the United States. The threats are escalating because of the increasingly dire financial situation facing the bankrupt-in-all-but-name US corporate government. These massive corporate debts are not owed by the American people and will be written off once the genocidal Nazi faction of the US military industrial complex steps aside and stops carrying out mass murder. The American people must be freed.

Attacking and threatening Japan is counter-productive because the Japanese people and government are not in a position to stop the US corporate bankruptcy no matter how much they wish they could.

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