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Benjamin Fulford Events Update Jan 25/10

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January 25, 2010

We will learn this week if the Federal Reserve Board will be disbanded forever or if it will be allowed to survive in a highly regulated and restricted form. There is a January 30th accounting deadline coming up and no clear sign of how they will be able to pay what they owe. They were caught sending gold-plated tungsten to China in October and have until that time to come up with real gold which they are unlikely to obtain.

Their latest scam was to have the head of the Bundesbank steal large sums of money and then try to launder the funds through the Haitian central bank. The problem is that any money that is transferred electronically by them is immediately detected and stopped. There was film on Fox TV showing two tanks breaking into a Haitian Bank and soldiers seizing two objects for purposes unknown but clearly connected with the Bundesbank scandal. In a related development, people connected to Deutschebank contacted a member of the Black Dragon Society and tried to buy gold. They were told to buzz off.

There are many signs now, even in the corporate propaganda media that Federal Reserve Board rule of the United States and terrorization of the world is coming to an end:

For example, the Venezuelan government, Iranian government TV, Fox News and many other outlets mentioned the possibility that Haiti was attacked with an earthquake weapon. This sort of open accusation was unthinkable, for example, when Indonesia was attacked with the earthquake weapon that caused the tsunami there. In both cases US forces were pre-positioned with “aid” before the earthquakes struck. The names of the people who ordered the attack have been made public and there will be consequences. The days of mass murder with impunity are coming to an end.

Another sign is open attacks on the Federal Reserve Board on US Network TV, and not just on internet truth sites.

The sudden decision by Obama to start listening to former Federal Reserve Board Chairman Paul Volcker’s advice to restore the Glass-Steagal act is yet another sign. Having personally met Volcker many times, I can vouch for his integrity. However, this attempted death-bed conversion by the Federal Reserve Board is too little, too late. It appears to be a move by the David Rockefeller, George Soros, Zbigniew Brzezinski faction to separate themselves from the Bush/Clinton faction. This group is also engaged in mass murder and plunder and will receive no funding so long as the killing continues.

The other open sign of change is the public call by Senator Ron Paul for the overthrow of the drug-dealing CIA secret government. He would have been killed for making such a statement even a year ago. The take-down of the CIA appears to be happening via an investigation into why the Federal Reserve Board secretly funneled hundreds of billions of dollars to CIA-linked insurance giant AIG. The fact that the corporate media and the justice department are looking into it is a clear sign of open warfare against that rogue agency by other government agencies.

The Pentagon is sending a representative to talk with the Black Dragon Society this week. At our previous meeting, the Black Dragon Society made the following proposals to the Pentagon: First of all, all US dollars not created through fraud such as “derivatives” will be backed by the Renminbi and gold and renamed, possibly as Hong Kong dollars. After that the US can issue its own local currency, hopefully Kennedy/Lincoln style greenbacks. Third, US external debt will be written off in exchange for an agreement by the Pentagon to oversee a swords-to-plowshares transition. Fourth, the Japanese, Chinese and other countries will help the US rebuild its industrial base. Fifth, the US should convene a South African-style truth and reconciliation committee so that the people of the world may learn the truth and move on. We will see what the Pentagon response to our proposals will be.

Also, the Chinese Politburo will be sending a representative this week to talk to the Black Dragon Society. Discussions are expected to focus on the development of a new economic zone North of Tokyo in Chiba Prefecture. We will also discuss the possible uses of a specially prepared uninhabited island with a 2.5 kilometer runway. This can be made available to Taiwanese interests but for security reasons the BDS does not want the island to come under direct mainland control.

Related to this, there was a meeting last week at the Black Dragon Society headquarters last week to discuss future plans. Here it was decided to go full-speed ahead with the development of suppressed technologies and not wait for the Western world to sort out its financial troubles.

The BDS will also contact Japanese Finance Minister Naoto Kan with proposals for an overhaul of the Japanese financial system. One proposal will be to sell 1000 trillion yen worth of Japanese government held real estate and other property in order to write down Japanese government debt. Another proposal will be a redenomination of the yen so that, for example one new yen would be worth something like 10,000 old yen. There would be an amnesty during the conversion to the new currency in order to bring all the savings stuffed under mattresses or hidden for other reasons back into circulation.

A revamp of the Japanese financial bureaucracy and a return of something similar to the system used until 1985 will also be put on the table. Since Kan is expected to become Prime Minister after Ozawa and Hatoyama are removed, we hope he will listen to these ideas with an open mind.

We can now mention that the new head of the Black Dragon Society is Chodoin Daikaku. We will issue a statement by him on U-tube shortly. Daikaku heads the Japanese martial arts societies worldwide including Judo, Karate and Ju-Jutsu (with it subsidiary Nin-Jutsu). This writer is a spokesperson for the BDS and a conduit between Western and Asian members of the BDS. A third, un-named individual, is the deputy head.

In any case, it is expected to be a very eventful week and we hope to have good news to report new week.

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Comment by Besimi on January 26, 2010 at 5:32pm
Great post bro.Namaste.

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