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Ben Fulford's blog entry for Dec 28th: "Brave, intelligent Philippine Airport Security guards prevent possible hijacking"

Brave, intelligent Philippine Airport Security guards prevent possible hijacking

In a sign of the sheer idiocy and paranoia the US government has degenerated into, border agents at the US colony known as the Philippines confiscated a wooden salad bowl from me at the airport because “it was a potential weapon.” These clever and diligent border agents also managed to confiscate a jar of wild honey and a bottle of coconut vinegar. However, they let through a coconut pie which, if I was really a terrorist, I could have filled with plastic explosive. Such is the stupidity of this mindless war by the US on its own terror networks such as the Taleban and Al Ciada.

The Philippines is also a perfect example of why the International Monetary Fund needs to be disbanded. After decades of World Bank and IMF advice, the Philippines is now in worse shape than I have ever seen it. There were families with naked children sleeping on the streets during my last visit. During my decades of visiting that wonderful country I have never seen comparable misery. But of course, that is what the Zionist/Nazi gangsters want: a country full of desperate people who are too busy trying to survive to revolt but can provide them with cheap servants, goons and prostitutes.

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Comment by ian on December 28, 2009 at 1:11pm
Ahh sorry to hear that jose. I went to the air port for the first time in awhile the other day. I went to pick my brother up and i saw the strangest things. We actually have "Homeland Security" walking around the airport along with undercover detectives and regular cops along with security. We were somewhat hassled by homeland security just for standing near the luggage pickup. Funny stuff.

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