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Ben Fulford: "The dark cabal’s desperate last minute efforts to stop their collapse will fail"

The dark cabal’s desperate last minute efforts to stop their collapse will fail

There seems to be a frantic, almost hysterical attempt by the secret financial cabal to stop the coming revolution in the West. They should cease and desist before they dig their own graves even deeper.

Let me summarize my own involvement in the revolution. It started when, as a mainstream financial journalist (working for Forbes and other publications) I started investigating the Japanese bad debt crisis. I soon found out that over half the bad debts in the entire Japanese banking system (over $1 trillion) were held by yakuza gangsters. I then cultivated yakuza sources who told me they were middlemen who worked for David Rockefeller, the Rothschilds and other Western oligarchs.

After I wrote books in Japanese about this, the yakuza tried to have me assassinated in Sakhalin, Russia. As a result, I created insurance files containing hundreds of hours of conversations with top yakuza that I had secretly recorded. These files will only be made public if I am killed.

Then my colleague the Forbes Moscow Bureau Chief Paul Klebnikov was murdered because, unknown to him, he was getting too close to the same cabal.

Later, I confronted former Japanese Finance Minister Heizo Takenaka about his role in handing control of Japan’s savings to a cabal of Western oligarchs (I have a video of the meeting). After this, Takenaka sent a self-described assassin to tell me I could join the cabal and become Finance Minister of Japan or else be murdered (I have this on tape). He also said the cabal wanted to kill 4 billion people in order to “save the environment.”

At this point an Asian secret society approached me and offered protection. I told them to urge Asian and other countries to stop financing the cabal’s war machine.

That is when the current financial war began to rage. The cabal tried to jack up food and oil prices. The Asians responded by buying commodities futures and demanding physical delivery.

As the war raged on, I was contacted by senior members of Western intelligence/defense agencies who explained they were also battling the same cabal. These are the people who have been seeking justice ever since the cabal assassinated President Kennedy.

The “white hats,” in the Western military/intelligence complex then asked for help in bankrupting the cabal’s source of power: The Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate. They wanted to do this by cashing trillions of dollars worth of gold backed bonds in order to jump-start a new metals backed financial system that would replace the Feds.

The P2 Masonic lodge offered to help and the bonds were put into the custody of Daniele Dal Bosco, their representative.

Later I was invited to Italy by the P2 Freemason lodge. While in Milan, I came down with a violent lung sickness that nearly killed me. Sources in the CIA told me the cabal had tried to kill me with a virus and that I was “not meant to leave Italy alive.”

Dal Bosco then absconded with the bonds and took them to an organization known as the OITC. According to CIA and NSA intercepts, Dal Bosco also hired professional hit men to have me assassinated. Two teams of professional assassins, one Italian and one South Korean, were subsequently spotted near my house in Tokyo.

The cabal was hoping to keep the financial system under their control by using the OITC to provide them with a veneer of legitimacy. By all reports the nominal head of the OITC, R.C. Dam, is a very nice person. He was also at one point given the job of custodian of a pool of gold belonging to a large group of countries and royal families. President Suharto of Indonesia was the original custodian but he was murdered by the cabal not long after they killed Kennedy.

Dam was his heir but, since he was raised by the CIA and his organization was infiltrated by criminals, the nations and royal families removed his accreditation.

As for the two Japanese arrested in Italy with $134.5 billion in bonds, (Yamaguchi and Watanabe), I am not in a position to judge their qualifications. Nor do I know who is behind the “dragon family.”

My own view is that finance is the process of deciding what humanity should do in the future. This is not a process that should be monopolized by a small group of in-bred families but rather by humanity as a whole.

The structures set up after World War 2 to govern the planet are out-dated and need to be rebuilt from the ground up. The IMF, the World Bank, the BIS and the United Nations need to be totally revamped and/or replaced.

My critics have questioned my association with Asian secret societies but as far as I am concerned, they saved my life from the cabal many times. The cabal has tried to have me killed at least 6 times and so I have a legitimate need of protection.

Our alliance rose spontaneously in response to the cabal’s plans to murder 4 billion humans and establish a totalitarian world government. The organizations that oversee the world’ various martial arts societies have offered us their support and protection. This is being done in order to save the planet.

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Comment by ian on August 15, 2010 at 2:00am
Why would the cabal try to kill him 6 times? He never has any proof of anything and no one can 100% believe anything he says is true. Killing him would just make people believe him more. Really, what reason does the cabal have to kill him when he never has anything to show for what he says?

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