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Becoming the Champions of Enlightenment By Kenneth Schmitt

Becoming the Champions of Enlightenment
By Kenneth Schmitt

What does it feel like to release all of our attachment to victimhood? It is perhaps unimaginable for us to realize true freedom from any constraints within time and space, but it is our natural reality. We are our pure presence of awareness, unlimited in every way and able to be any kind of entity in any dimension with any powers we wish to instill. In our current status as humans on Earth, we could not believe it is possible, because of our self-imposed limitations, which are deeply set into our species consciousness. The power of our beliefs in limitation, for as long as we hold them, constrains us within their limits. Our vibratory level attracts circumstances and encounters that resonate at the same level, creating experiences below the level of mastery.

It is very difficult for people who have worked hard for a long time to accumulate something, to then allow themselves to be unattached to their attainment. But it is the attachment that prevents further expansion. As long as we believe in lack of anything, we create its experience in our lives. The challenge is to resolve our beliefs by transforming our fear and doubt about our abilities into....+

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