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Banking and Intelligence Sources Warn of Possible Nuclear Device Attacks in U.S. Cities

Banking and Intelligence Sources Warn of Possible Nuclear Device Attacks in U.S. Cities

October 19, 2009


Prelude-Dateline Thursday 10/15/2009

In this climate of possible Banking implosions, potential WW III scenarios, continued destruction of the American middle class, and Martial Law threats against American rights and liberties, the Q-files crew pays very close attention to all information coming from various HAM radio operators monitoring the HF radio frequencies used by the Military, Intelligence, and Law Enforcement groups. Continued monitoring over the last 6 years has produced many telltale heads up warnings and confirmations of other intel from sources that have been brought to you by the Q-Files crew on the Radio programs and in alerts and commentaries posted on this website and in several cases has also provided critical information to Military and Intelligence operators who for whatever reason were not apprised of that information. ........includin g a fumbled handling of an alert of an incoming Russian Bomber Bogey given by a P3 Orion plane to a bumbling, incompetent National Comm Center operator who suggested that the P3 Orion handle the intercept of said Russian Bomber. When in near real time the Q-Files got this word out .......the urgent request by the P3 Orion for an immediate scramble of interceptor fighter craft onto that Bogey....... .lit up the afterburners on more than one airbase on the east coast and said Bogey was intercepted and escorted back where they came from .

Individually, these HF messages are not always highly important except as part of pattern recognition for changes in tempo, protocol, and emotional tenor or to look for potential match-ups to upcoming or ongoing events of strategic and tactical nature. However, sometimes these HF communications can be quite dramatic by themselves or when combined with other information source material can provide very disturbing views of near future possibilities and potential upcoming events. Thursday 10/15/2009 one such HF catch heard free and clear on an open Military Frequency, by itself may have been only slightly revealing as to the current state of radio opsec. Combined with other information below, its ramifications might portend disaster or the end of your world as you know it.......... .or not.

The role of a Watchman is to warn of what he sees and hears as he sees or hears it........on an immediate basis. His role is not that of a journalist, TV news announcer, nor even that of a slow and deliberate intelligence analyst who is so compartmentalized or so in fear from political retribution that they take ages to produce actionable intelligence. ........ an example would be that the fall of the Berlin wall and subsequent Communist regime changes in East Germany and in the Soviet Union were not predicted officially .........another would be that warnings given to U.S. Intelligence Agencies by multiple Foreign Intel agencies regarding 911 were not heeded . In that light, the Watchman tries to verify and get multiple confirmations of information, if at all possible.... ...but is still charged with warning regardless. It is the responsibility of the person hearing the warning to evaluate it for themselves, take it to the Lord in prayer, and then to act upon it or not. The Watchman is as specific as possible and does use qualifiers such as ......potential, possible, and probable.... ...he is not a prophet or a thus sayeth the Lord speaker. Those with ears to hear and eyes to see should pay close attention to what is actually said and written.

Thursday 10/15/2009.. ....mid afternoon Eastern time.....Mil Freq. 8.992 MHZ......... .....

Initially an " aircraft or unit 50" was heard asking a Comstation for a clear line to a certain alpha/numerical coded unit unknown to the monitor at the time. Said clear connection was afforded to "unit 50" and then, in violation of radio security protocols, the previously mentioned coded unit answered up in the clear as "Air Force 1" . This immediately got the attention of the monitors of these channels. "Unit 50" then asked for specific authentication of codes regarding some operation from "Air Force 1", who responded ......."that's a charlie, ......The countdown has begun. "

As described above, this taken individually, is not very revealing except in terms of radio protocol security. The exact operation being discussed by "unit or aircraft 50", the requested coded authenticators, nor what the "countdown has begun" message is referring to are not known. Repeat not known precisely. However, put together with other information from sources to follow ........... this HF catch on an in the clear Frequency may be of highly grave importance.

Banking Source Warning of Potential Nuclear Device Attacks in U.S. Cities

Dateline: Friday 10/16/2009

The Q-Files headquarters received a phone call from a top executive within one of the largest Banking Corporations in the U.S. This source was highly concerned about specific information their Bank Corporation had received regarding .......Probable. ...attacks upon U.S. cities by terrorists of jihaddist orientation using nuclear devices which may already be in place or that may be delivered by kamikaze style attacks via small aircraft upon centralized target locations of those cities. The cities named by that Banking executive were New York , Chicago , Houston , Dallas , Phoenix , Jacksonville , and Tampa .

In preparation for these potential nuclear threats upon these cities, the Banking Corporation has been instructed to set up all means to operate their Banks by executives and other personnel using secure computer systems from remote locations, to provide for potential evacuation of Bank branch employees if needed, and to take every step to protect Bank branch locations and depositors' accounts as possible. This preparation was to be completed prior to 10/23/2009 as that begins the probable time window for these potential attacks by jihaddists or other unknown terrorist operators. This Banking source was verified as to their bonafides, ie. they are who they are. As to the list of cities and type of attacks, as well as the exact date of said probable attacks .........100% guarantees are not possible and these represent the information provided to this Banking Corporation source ostensibly from non disclosed Intelligence Community sources involved with Counter Terror operations.

Intelligence Community Source Warning

Independent from the Banking source, Q-files headquarters received a similar warning about potential nuclear device attacks upon U.S. cities via telephone approximately an hour after the Banking source had called. This warning was unsolicited as well and the deep background Intelligence community source giving it has been known to the Q-Files for over a decade. Their warning stated that from 10/23/2009 onward through 10/25/2009 that a highly probable attack upon some U.S. cities by jihaddist terrorists would be launched using nuclear devices and that Counter Terrorism operators were working to prevent this from happening. Possible in place devices and also possible delivery of nuclear devices by small planes was cited by this Intel Community source. The list of potential target cities were as follows..... ..New York, D.C., Chicago, Seattle, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Tuscon, and Miami. 100% guarantee is not possible here though this information is very plausible and since it came in separately but dovetailed with the Banking warning it is being presented here as well in confirmation of the Banking warning.

Subsequent Confirmation Attempts and Ancillary Information

In an attempt to obtain further confirmation of these nuclear device attack warnings, the Q-Files contacted other sources in the in the Intel community and in the Law Enforcement community. One high level Officer in a large Midwestern city Detective Bureau contacted their trusted source inside a large U.S. Intelligence Agency and subsequently reported that this potential threat was of a specific nature and that all over the U.S. and around the world U.S. counter terrorism operations were ongoing including U.S. special operations forces, and Nato CT personnel as well. The dates could be anytime but specifically from the 10/23/2009 time period onward was confirmed as the suspected timing window.

Several other Intelligence sources with Military or Agency backgrounds have also been contacted so that further confirmation might be had on these matters. As any further information or confirmation comes in the Q-Files will make every attempt to get it up on this web site or out over the radio waves as quickly as possible.

As the Q-Files crew has warned previously on air and in various alerts and Hawk Talon reports on this web site, there exists a strong probability of Dollar collapse, market lock-ups, and potential for Bank Holidays based upon numerous other Financial, Economic, and Intelligence prognosticators such as Harry Schultz, Gerald Celente, Bob Chapman, Jim Sinclair, the Web Bots of Halfpasthuman and Urban Survival websites, and others. The Web Bots have specifically indicated that on 10/25/2009 a seizing up of U.S. and world markets due to collapse of the Dollar and resulting Banking collapses is highly probable. Interesting timing on that and of course when the U.S. stock markets have traditionally had their "black days" of huge sell offs October is usually the month in question.

SQ has also posted pictures of sheets of already printed specimen Union of North America currency that came from a source within worlds of the Federal Reserve Bank and corresponding U.S. Government interfaces. A source in a large Credit Union has recently informed the Q-files that these not only exist but that they also expected a shipment of their first allotment within possibly a week's time. Sources in Asian Banking and Trading have also told the Q-Files that Red China may have already received a a large amount of this new currency. Trading in Ameros has already been documented as existing on certain Russian, East Bloc, and perhaps Mideastern exchanges.

With huge nearly Quadrillion $$$ amounts of toxic derivatives still out there and not being shown upon Bank balance sheets, with runnaway U.S. Govt., corporate, and private debts now totalling amounts that cannot be paid off without rolling the printing presses Weimar Republic style, and with China, Russia, the Oil Sheiks, and even Japan, France, Brazil, and India secretly discussing the death of the Dollar as the reserve currency of the world ........DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE HUNGER FOR A PRETEXT TO BLAME THE COLLAPSE OF WORLD BANKING AND TRADING SYSTEMS UPON WHEN IT HAPPENS. Any pretext will do for the Luciferian Illuminati Bankers ..........even perpetration of a false flag event using nuclear devices upon say some U.S., Canadian, Mexican, cities and even Ole London towne.....recall "Black Jack" scenario? Would Intel Agenteur working on behalf of said central Bankers hire via layers of cut outs a group of jihaddis to blow up major cities who probably wouldn't even know who really ordered the blood sacrifice to begin? Doubt it not. NYC has fallen prey to this type of operation now twice.

World War III eruption with perhaps the upcoming Israeli attack upon Iran would be another. Interesting that Israel for some time has specified that any grants, loans, gifts, or aid from the U.S. to them should be denominated in Euros. Interesting also, that Iran has been trading Oil in other than Dollar currencies . That a nuke going off anywhere in the world is likely to trigger a nuclear settling of scores...real or imagined by many nations is not out of the question either. Recently the History Channel itself has had a specific program on dealing with aftermath of a Nuclear Attack upon D.C.???

Wonder why the Somali on the Terrorism Watch List was let go by the street cops in Las Vegas, when none of the 5 Somalis in that car with probable ties to an African Jihaddi group could even get their stories to jive and that 5 of them were all giving date of birth as January 1rst? Were they ordered by command or DHS to let them go? Why weren't they brought in for questioning on a say passport questions at least for a few hours and then released. If they gave wrong birthdays to the FBI then they could be charged . Wonder who wanted them loose in Las Vegas metro, one of the potential target cities? Good question for some still good guys in the Intel Community and LEO community... .....however, you may be running out of time. QUESTION IS, JUST WHOSE COUNTDOWN HAS BEGUN?

Time to repent to Lord Jesus is now. Ask him to come into your hearts.

There Is Power In The Blood Of Jesus.

This is a Watchman's Warning..... ...Pay attention to the specific language and take it to the Lord in prayer . Act upon it or not. That is your choice.


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