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Baby Bush is in Japan, blackmailing and threatening all he can but to no avail

Baby Bush is in Japan, blackmailing and threatening all he can but to no avail

George Bush Junior is in Japan this week trying to blackmail and bully the Japanese into handing a big fat check to Obama when he comes to Japan next week. He is blackmailing former Prime Minister Koizumi by threatening to expose Koizumi’s sadistic murder of the Shimbashi Geisha who went by the name of Kohan, a Geisha in Asakusa and an American prostitute, According to senior Black Dragon Society sources and the Yakuza. Furthermore, Bush has threatened to expose the fact that former Finance Minister Heizo Takenaka got a $500 million bribe (Koizumi got a billion).

We are also hearing the Democratic Party of Japan power-broker Ichiro Ozawa had some kind of deadly microchip implanted in his heart when he had an operation in London. If this is true then Ozawa should publicly announce the fact and anything else he is being blackmailed with.

Despite all these threats, the Japanese are making sure Obama gets no money. Instead any publicly listed Japanese company with capital of at least 200 billion yen that is involved in either banking or manufacturing or primary industry will be given as much money as they need, with no strings attached, from a special BIS fund. The companies will be offered protection if they decide to use the money to manufacture products using hitherto forbidden technology.

The Black Dragon Society also says they would to extend an offer of alliance and friendship to Bush’s former North Korean colleagues.

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