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Babel Virus, Conscious Human Operating System and "The Freedom Teachings"

I have come across some information, "The Freedom Teachings" teaches that true "Source/God" connects us up to the 12th dimensions and then higher up to the 15th dimension. A group of beings disconnected from true "Source/God" and tapped into and made there own temporary grid based on 10 and not on 12, they will implode upon themselves, they use a 10 grid tree of life but true "Source/God" uses a 12 grid tree of life. I found this to be true by comparing some of the "Tree OF Life" grids on several websites, I found both types, some 10 and some 12. Following is from a conversation from a group I have joined, little blurb about first. This is where I have been and way I have been gone so long, I needed to find local like minded in my area I have through, check it out, it's huge.
OK, here's the info on "The Freedom Teachings" from a post on 1 of my meetup groups:

I went to Brandon's class, "Conscious Human Operating System", it confirmed some things that I found at Sacred (G)eometry / Wish For Love site: (Here's a mantra or meditation with a lot of "I Am" statements): and some of my "Experiences" at and other sites.

I am going through and per "The Freedom Teachings" below, I believe my experiences were both from the 10th dimensional, :( and 12th dimensional, :) if this is true, I/we have some repairs to do on our DNA templates.

"The Freedom Teachings"; "Kathara - Bio Spiritual Healing Regenesis Program - Advance Level 1", a 7 DVD set and next will go through; "Kathara - Awakening the Living Lotus - Level 2-3". I would love to go through these with others as it's just not the same without a group of like minds working together for a common goal, to heal ourselves and earth at the same time, that's what is being taught here.

Link for a easy read about "The Freedom Teachings":

Link for free audio downloads concerning "Earth History" per "The Freedom Teachings":

Links for detailed "The Freedom Teachings" material, now this is huge and overwhelming, like learning a new language:

The key studies and 'essential' suggested sequence "The key studies are known as 'essential' because without these - and- in the sequence suggested, you will not achieve any real understanding of the Freedom Teachings."

Please let me know what you think about this, thank you.

I Am That, I Am

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