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~Aspartame is Actually Excrement Of Genetically Modified E. Coli~

Aspartame is Actually Excrement Of Genetically Modified E. Coli,And Changed It's Name To AminoSweet~ In Many Areas..




The cheapest method for producing aspartame

(artificial sweetener in diet soda) is to feed toxic,
genetically modified, cloned E. coli bacteria sludge and then harvest the poop from the GMO bacteria.

The poop is the aspartame. Isn't that delightful??
I guess that explains why NutraSweet always tasted like crap to me.
Yeah, the secret ingredient is toxic looking sludge
being excreted out the rear end of a slug looking bacteria....

consumers can be very ignorant of how the food they eat is made,
what constitutes this food, and where it originates.
It does show that one must question the industries that produce these addictive and harmful foods.
Of course, that's not to mention the fact that NutraSweet literally tastes like crap.
Mostly, we aim:
no Aspartame-and-same-crap,
no colorant,
no fluoride, in water and tooth paste. . .
Try this little experiment and see:

I was having a big problem with carpenter ants in my house,
I had hit em with Raid and other stuff and nothing was fazing them.
Then someone told me that aspartame was poisonous, try it.
So I got some Equal or something and scattered it all about. WHAMMO! No more ants.

Get some of that crap you put in your coffee and ingest daily.
Pour it near an anthill and watch what happens to the ants.
aspartame, a so-called "natural" sweetener is really a neurolgical toxin and is the cause
of at least 75-80% of all the complaints to the FDA.

"it also appears to worsen or mimic the symptoms
of such conditions as fibromyalgia, MS, lupus, ADD, diabetes,
Alzheimer's, chronic fatigue,and depression."
The reason that it has been accepted as safe is due to the influence of politics
and the pharmaceutical industry.
Apparently, the GD Searle Corp., tried for 16 years to get the FDA to approve it,
and it was finally approved in '81 even though it was found to produce cancer in experimental animals.
Apparently, Donald Rumsfield appointed Alfred Hull Hayes,
MD to the FDA who approved it in 1981 in spite of the fact that there was evidence
that it produced cancer in experimental animals.
Jere Goyan was removed as the head of the FDA on the 1st day of Ronald Reagan's
presidency because of his refusal to approve it.
Even the US Air force issued an alert in 1992 against drinking diet drinks with aspartame to its pilots.
Aspartame apparently breaks down in the body to methanol and formaldehyde.
Another debate is over the breakdown into phenylalanine which is a neurotoxin.
To counteract this, Nutrasweet developed Neotame which does not breakdown into phenylalanine
and only has to be used in trace amounts as a sweetener.
However, again you might ask yourself the question: who gains?
And, again it is the pharmaceutical companies.
For your own safety, and especially, your children's avoid these artifical sweeteners.
There are alternatives: honey, "Stevia, from a natural source (300 times sweeter than sugar)...
Lo han (derived from dried and fresh fruit) and xylitol (found in the fibers of many fruits and vegetables)
are (four) other natural alternatives to sugar."
Ph of coke and Other Pops are too Acidic.
the ph of of drinks is about 3.7 and that acidity can dissolve bonestructure and even teeth.
A group of Delhi University students put an extracted tooth in a bottle of Coke,
and after 10 days it hadbeen dissolved.




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