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Ask The Masters 2016/08/30 ~ Toni and Peter.

Ask The Masters 2016/08/30 ~ Toni and Peter.

Manuel Tavares at Violet Flame - Seeking truth to be Free! - 3 hours ago
Ask The Masters.
By The Celestial Voices. *Through Toni and Peter.*30th of August, 2016.

A preview of the Masters' Tuesday Teachings for 30 August 2016

An Australian man who has been made aware of three past lives asks for help
in knowing what he should learn from them. The Masters explain the
importance of discovering that for himself and give him pointers to do so.

A Brazilian woman is dismayed at her husband's reliance on his parents to
make personal decisions for him. The Masters, unfortunately, do not give
her hope that he will change.

A correspondent from the USA is se...

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