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Well good evening everyone - a Happy New Year to you all. And what a year is coming. You all know it’s a year of 11. Sacred indeed. The fact that it is two ones is beginning, beginning and what beginnings have already been prepared for in this year of 1 which we are about to say farewell too.

If you want to sing a little of that classic tune of Auld Lang Syne, please do but believe me you will be leaving the down in the dumpies memories far behind, and we could stand behind you and read your calendar over your shoulder. We know we can see events upon your calendar that you cannot see.

It is a joyful time and a time to rejoice. We want to take a moment to thank you for all the grand work you have done to lay the foundation to co-create with us all that is about to unfold. We know there has been some impatient moments and we fully understand that – from our perspective the delays were necessary in order to accomplish multiple goals. First of all those who wear dark hats are becoming more transparent in motivation to do all the things they have done. Those who think that these people who in places of position and power have done such a wonderful job and really care about We The People and the entire planet and its glorious populations, are really living in a delusional world and not what you call Nesara. The real world is that of the kingdom of heaven, the path to Ascension, the path to homecoming, to who you really are Beloved Ones to your hearts, your spirits, your Higher Self to be in total communion with them.

You see all these wondrous states of beings are feared by those who try to keep you from these realities so tonight we say a fond farewell. They have pointed the way where you want to go – to join with us and take the high road home – each and every one of you have the most loving, most brilliantly lit radiance about you throughout your entire being, and you are starting to recognize that. It is getting to a point where you look in the eye of other people, the animals, plants or the leaves or flowers unfolding or the beauty of the crystals and you can see yourselves as part of that one, you can feel the connection, the vibration, the high if you will, you can join in a dance of love if you choose to do so and the Beauty is your true state of being and that is you completely home. That is where those who have been putting forth all of those demonstrations engaging in more and treating humanity and all of Mother Gaia with a lot less than grace they don’t want you to be. When you are in bliss, when you are in joy at what lies ahead, even though you may not know for sure, they get very scared. So we shall do an exercise tonight to give them a fond farewell. We shall give them a bit of a push. It is time Beloved Ones, it is time. Year 11 is about to begin.

The year of 11, thanks to all of you who have laid the foundations, prayers, visions, mediations and Lightworker work, the year 11 is a success 100% successful – 100% complete. All that you have dreamt and envisioned and desired it would be, and that Beloved Ones will begin in just a very very few hours. Indeed it has already begun. The Nesara law has been passed several times but it was those who were wearing Dark Hats who were so not ecstatic about it – they created delays – we will stop and say thank you for the delays that have brought you to where you are. Would you be all that you are if it had been announced on 911? Would you be as ready as you are, would you have done all the great and grand work and all the suffering you came to do – we know Beloved Ones we have been there very step of the way with you – we have felt your joy and pain – your times of feelings down for depression, lack, fear, worry and we are here to tell you its OVER.

You don’t have to suffer anymore, the year of 11 is the year which you see all you have dreamt or envisioned for Planet Earth being free to manifest. Now we also want to prepare you a bit because there is much to do. You all have favorite missions – if you think that you can sit back and take a vacation please reconsider – you think you have been working hard but you will feel lighter now, many many tools for healing and nurturing yourselves and you will have even more, much more, you will have the ability to do some traveling around Planet Earth and beyond if you choose to. We are delighted that so many of you are reporting upon your experiences with the ships, sighting the ships. By the way you must realize there are times when only you can see the ships and someone next to you cannot. We know you, we know who the Lightworkers are. We can sometimes show ourselves to a Lightworker but not to others who are non-believers. So when you see us in skies know we are greeting you – we are telling you how special you are, we are honoring you for being the great light upon Planet Earth that you are.

You can only imagine how you look to us but you look up on a starry night full of stars then put yourself here with us on the bridge and know when we look down on Planet Earth we see the same kind of light and its all of you. Our starry night is actually you, the stars upon Planet Earth and we love you beyond words. You invite us to come close to you and even when we come in the clouds you know we’re there, and we treasure so much when you see us and say hello to us and welcome us with love and see your hearts radiant with the love you really are and we feel you as one with us, and so Beloved family we will be in evidence all over your planet very soon. We are now but just always not able to be seen. You know what a parking lot looks like when there are triple bargains at every store at shopping mall. Well Beloved Ones just imagine cars stacked upon each other above Planet Earth and we are here because you have called us here with your love and your desire to meet with us and you know you do – just go into a deep meditation and in dream time, and Intent to come to the bridge and so it is. Intent to come and meet with ambassadors and so you shall. Meet with Ascended Masters or Angel guides and so you shall.

Realms of fairies are very close to coming into full manifestation upon Planet Earth. Those who walk close to the earth, those who keep the ancient wisdoms, those who are members of the tribe, they know already, those elementals or little people or the spirits of the earth are very much in evidence already. And it is the grand oneness that we celebrate, and this grand connection, communication and communion that we see upon your calendars as a constant state of reality for year 11. Have you not been seeing double digits, even triple and this shall be and is a sign unto you. We are here. We are here, we are one with you and we have accepted your invitation and we are doing what you call a last minute RSVP, and we assure you that we shall be much in evidence, and yes those who wear the dark hats are a little shaky right now – they know we are here – and when they tell you we are not here, they are telling you what they want you to believe about us, but you know better and so does the consciousness of the earth.

Do you not suppose all those of the animal kingdom are present. They see it and they know it and they are calm about it. If they were accepting the fear that is being promulgated amongst the humans, the world would be an extremely noisy place in every moment every day. They would be acting crazy, instead they are smiling and saying about time you got here. They are so pleased because they know their days of hunger, of being hunted, of being turned on each other are over. Now we cannot give specific dates. There are rumors going around. If you like the rumor, welcome the news that you hear and resonate with – that you feel good about – welcome them its all important if you read somewhere that somebody has a new healing technique. Give them loving support thru the airwaves. Enjoy it – it makes a difference. As you receive your abundance there are many worthy causes to support with your dollars – it is not necessary to support your new government with money – that’s been the way in past but not the way of year of 11.

Just send them your love. This is our suggestion to you – New Years resolution to give loving support to all that you honor, respect and cherish. This is the way of the year 11. IT’S ALL LOVE . How could it be any less Beloved Ones because you are you, you are here and you are so ready. You have been wondrous in your leadership as Lightworker beamers, we like to call you beamers. How could you do anything less. We have done exercises where we have aimed these beams as lasers and you all know how to do it. So resolve if you will that you will beam everyone and every idea that is spirit based that is in harmony and resonance with who you really are and let that be your work of joy.

And when you beam us be expecting some responses – that is delightful. There is no such thing as First Contact any more – it has already occurred for many of you …… for the Dark Hats too. First ……. Public acknowledgement that we are here. Soon Beloveds, very soon. Inescapable evidence presented in the light of the Christ. On the airwaves of the internet , and even more powerfully on the airwaves of the love beams that you send. It is time to begin the work of education and enlightenment. We shall start that as we pave the way for all of the bright days and starry nights of the year 11. This is a grand opportunity and oh yes we have some guest speakers as well, so stay tuned and fasten your seatbelts – we are about to take off in a greeting, a farewell to all that has been shall we say a delaying factor with no permanence and no harm whatsoever, only benefits, and a greeting for a grand year of 11. Grandest year ever experienced on Planet Earth – there has never been a year such as this on the drawing board – we shall take a trip there – turn the calendar page, but for now we shall turn our attention to the farewells to the year of 1.

So, we shall as always begin to breathe deeply and fully, feels wondrous does it not …. Breath it in, breath in the Love Light and as you do so, allow this wondrous love to permeate your entire being fill your hearts with it and expand - look within see how brightly you shine like crystals, colors are yours to discern but feel the warmth the glow of you and all you are wondrous divine beings, sacred each and everyone as you continue the breathing.

Let us travel once again to that great theatre, where you all have front row seats, and now look up upon the stage. The lights are dim, floodlights are not bright on the stage, you see the stage is somewhat empty already – there remains a few characters in black who don’t shine much, we ask that you look deep within them and look at what their hearts have to show you. You may see a glimmer of a light, and we ask that you also see the child there, the inner children have to take refuge there, it’s the only place they have felt they could survive. Now what we are going to ask you to do is to be a teacher. See the children glancing nervously out, the child in each one on stage they look at you asking for help. You see that Beloved Ones, look at these little children so much in the shadows they are in distress, dwelling in the hearts of the Dark Ones on stage now. The Dark Hats all costumes in dark, they don’t want light to shine from there. They cannot stop you from peering into their heart areas and seeing the Child that dwells in each heart …. Innocent child staring out in great fear, and so we ask that you begin to shine the love towards the children – that’s all that is asked – send them messages, you are safe and we care about you – we send you love – now as you do this you might see ones in dark costumes become agitated – love is uncomfortable to the few who remain on stage – those who did leave left with the help from Mother Sekhmet, and those who left for the light take off their costumes and dance on stage – those few remaining are still on the stage, the clock is ticking, the year of 11 is not appropriate for them to last on the stage – give them permission to leave by giving the children permission to go out for recess.

What happens to these beings once they leave the stage Beloved Ones is not your responsibility, only to thank them for the job they have done to fully delineate from you all that must be healed on the Planet– as well as the path of one, and they have done so and your relationship with them can end because they are no longer going to be a part of the world of Planet Earth in Ascension mode. And so it is with hearts of love beams you can send love to the inner children that are taking refuge in their hearts. The hearts are dim for the kids there. So send them love Beloved Ones, give them permission to go to recess and they are loosening their grip from hanging on – the winds of change are blowing. You have set them in motion with great love and beaming radiance. Now see these ones one by one leave the stage, they are reluctantly walking down the steps.

They really have no ability to stay on stage any longer because you Beloved Ones have sent them love that has activated the winds of change. They are no longer empowered to stay on stage – as they leave, rise to your feet and give them a grand applause and thank them for job well done. They have to leave as the year of 1 comes to a close and the year of 11 begins. Some may carry over a bit into the year of 11 – but they already know they are gone. If you see some forms they are simply holograms. They are placeholders so as not to create undue alarm. The Winds of change are blowing strong powered and empowered by lights you are, and Planet Earth will never be the same, and that Beloved Ones is the joy of the Year of 11.

And so the children are so happy to be released from that unhappy place they have been in and you may receive a bit of a love message from one or more of them who has kept them imprisoned by the programs, and they are now free to do to recess and where it is they choose to go next is their destiny. But it will be the joy of the absence of dark and the fullness of the light that will be what makes this Year of 11 unlike any other on Planet Earth because it is the Ascension path fully lit like a runway at the airport where they turn on all lights and ready for take off. Beloved Ones we are taking off together – you have invited us to come along on this journey and we have been so

They are going to come one after another … hard to keep track – so much good news – more exposes of course but it’s good news – so focus on that Beloved Ones – it starts with letter N and that will be in the news. Very very soon. Reach out and feel it. You brought the year of one to a wondrous closing, radiant alive and absolutely full of all that you have been creating .. Oh we might have a surprise or two for you …. We reach out, hug you, dance with you and say to you well done Beloveds. Mission for Year One 2008 is completed, perfectly completely and the drawing board for the Year 11 is full. And so we say thanks to you for this grand year for these family gatherings for all we have co-created in every moment with you. We love you beyond words and I, Ashtar, shall now say farewell to this gathering to allow our next speaker to lead us all into the Year of 11. The curtain is down on the stage and it is about to come up ……

MOTHER SEKHMET Well good evening I felt the call and I am here. I know I have not done much of the meditational leadership here in these gatherings, but it is appropriate because I am very much out here with all. I am here to tell you that all that you have been dreaming of, all that you have hoped, for is true as long as it follows the high vibe path. We walk beside you, we march beside you .. If you have fears about what is to be announced, leave them behind, it is becoming very close. Close your eyes and imagine me and my Paschats are standing behind you. We are Nesara and we breathe upon you, feel the light and joy of it, and know. breathe breathe breathe breathe Your Beloved family may not have Paschats, but we are all warriors of the Ashtar Command. You are all commanders with Ashtar, on a mission, and whether you are gentle or not, each of you has a function of the mission. Breathe in the joy of this upcoming calendar year of 11 – it is most sacred, most divine and it is most powerful and that Beloveds is what we are going to focus upon now in this exercise. Breathe in love light , Christ light of the Year of 11 and allow it to empower you – it is about reclaiming individual empowerment and enjoying in the empowerment of the one we all are.

And so what will be happening, there are many of you who seem to be more outside 3D than in, but there are those very much a part of your 3D now, and so we come together. So imagine if you will there is a news broadcast bulletin. Breathe in your hearts and know it in your mental body and feel the joy of it in your emotional selves – if you choose to heal infirmities or diseases you are invited to do so – there are so many options and choices and each and every one upon the Planet and all kingdoms will know which option to choose, and all will be free and made available to everyone and free to any kind of tyranny or closings of centres on Planet Earth.

Some will choose to travel to other planets and stars. It’s all here in the Year of 11, an education simply whatever you have passion and joy for. You may want to freshen up your ship piloting skills, or be a navigator, you can take a quick course – to study faraway galaxies is a slightly longer course. It can be made all available to you by special travel agents. You can find your way to them quite easily. Are you enjoying this? As to your homes, you can create them to be however you choose them to be. Start over or bless the space you are in. If you have a leaky faucet, use your own empowerment to fix it. So everyone can follow their passions and not spend hours in drudgery although those who love to paint rooms will find a more expanded color palette available. All things are coming and more as you practice your ability to manifest whatever it is you desire. There is much that will be reawakened in you, thus giving less of your empowerment to fix it – so everyone will be happy and there is going to be a great deal of dancing, music and art to enjoy, wondrous gardens, beautiful mountains and waterfalls. Take a shuttle to the mountaintop, or a tour to the underground world. Most will not get there in the Year of 11, but the options are available.

Workshops everywhere to sharpen up your own healing skills. Thousands, millions of people will attend the courses. They will also be available on the internet and TV and they will be free. When you hear news its going to be happy news because there is not going to be any more dark demons and doings and perpetrations because its over rover, as they say. You will notice you might be enjoying laughter. Breathe it in Beloveds because that is the way of the future. As the consciousness raises there is less need for police forces or incidents in the Year of 11, and I and Paschat am available. And many good hearted ones can walk up to one trying to steal a vehicle, walk up and say some words of grace and that one will stop what they are doing. Such is going to be the involvement of the consciousness of the Planet. If you are thinking a loving thought the one behind you will get it. Telepathy highly in use by end of magnificent year of 11 – telepathic communications. You might find less and less Emailing and more communicating and groups can communicate quicker.

Oh yes we shall be on the road, workshops everywhere. Great joy as well I am speaking for Ashtar and family of course but I will be there of course. I sound rough but I am all about Love – everything I do, every thought, every word, every deed carries the highest vibration of Love, and Paschat has spend eons doing as I do, and you Beloved Ones are reawakening to love. You were in the beginning, that’s all you were and all you expressed, and you are finding it easier in this year of 1 as it comes to a close. Simply to help you clean house. Continue with that.

If a thought, word or deed wells up inside of you put a Love thought on it and see how it expresses. All is well in your kingdoms. Enjoy the Year of 11. It is about to commence as it has already done in this family gathering. Live it. It is the Truth. There is no matrix to sneer, you are free Beloved Ones, you are free. Joy for New Year happy joyful full of grand news and some of that news starts with a great big N word – it’s already here Beloveds, just as First Contact has already happened, Nesara is real and yes its here, and a news bulletin for the world to hear. It cannot be denied, its done. It will come in the news as the preparations are 100% complete. No dates but how about 99 9/10th – how does that sound. Alright then ….. tell the world how wondrous it is. Get those Emails going out – let everyone know. Let your government leaders know you are ready – some are true leaders with heart light some radiant beams and they are about to turn their lights up full blast. Rejoice Beloved Ones rejoice stand with them stand with us, We are one. The joy of the year of 11.

Well done Beloveds, well done – how much we love you and appreciate your presence here and all you do to bring the world into a true reality and into the grace of love expressed. Lets go forth marching or flying if you prefer, and bring this joy to the entire Planet, below and above, and so it is Namaste.

SANANDA AND MOTHER MARY Greetings Beloved Ones, this is I Sananda and my Mother Mary and we must have this time with you as we close out this year of 1 and bring in this year of 11. Thank you Beloved Ones for all of the work you have done and thank you for your loving hearts and greetings on the occasion of that day which is recognized as my birthday, but is an occasion to find the peace and love and joy in world. We are here to tell you that even though you might think it was a brief moment this past year you have laid the foundations for the entire year of 11 – exciting and joyful but the peace shall also be a part of this year cause how could the world be in joy if there is any war anywhere. Abundance shall be freely distributed to all for how could there be true joy upon the earth if even one child is hungry or without a home or family to hug, love and dance with. Healing has been spoken for all. Passions available to indulge in. What do you have passion for? Do you wish to go to a sunny hilltop and paint beautiful pictures?

You shall have time, abundance and climate to do so and yes we know for some this year has been a wintry one – due to mother nature and reasons for that – Mother Nature had her work to do. Mother Gaia presence here with us thanks to all of you who have endured all you have endured to find love in your hearts, to send love out to the cold or shivery areas, and those in sunny parts thanks for radiating sunshine out so beautifully all over the world – winter will close early in the year of 11 because it’s time for sunshine, for love light, time for plants to grow, animals to lie in the sunshine in peace and joy. Everyone will feel regenerated. It’s time for the crystals to be even more, to know and to radiate even more the love and empowerment that love brings.

And so Beloved Ones as we enter the great New year together, we stand together in love and honor of all of you, so now here are the roses of the Year of 11. Come forward and take the roses my mother offers them to you she stands at my side –Mother Gaia stands at my other side and offers them as well. So take the roses and smell them, feel their velvet softness, no thorns, the paths are strewn with rose petals in the Year of 11. Continue with all you do to be radiant ones. And so Beloved Ones lets join together and hug as we say farewell to the Year of 1 and greet together shining light family the Year of 11. And so it is. Namaste.

Summary transcript by Deborah Urquhart of Bushwillows. Copyright 2008 Ashtar On The Road Publications. All Rights Reserved.

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