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As We Shift - Here Comes 2016

It’s the time of year for prophecy and promise.  What’s to follow is another version of both.  This year brought a new appreciation for the perspective found here.  It erupts from intuition, internet searches and a year’s worth of conversations with off world beings. You may call it an assumption.
We are poised for alteration – of everything.  In our unique fashion we’ve gradually set the stage for personal, national, global and cosmic emergence.  We are ready right now.  It can happen before this year ends and we will not be surprised.
If you’ve been waiting for your moment – that instant when there is an internal “aha! THIS is why I came!” – Your wait is almost over.  Numerous and varying sources point to 2016, and even specifically to the first quarter, as the time for global economic collapse, seismic and volcanic catastrophe in North America at least, governmental collapse and financial reset – to be immediately followed by a massive disclosure of truth regarding the Ponzi Scheme we’ve been party to, the off world presence and many available healing and supportive technologies.  Some or all of these things have been labelled theevent or the party or the shift.
This governance of corruption that we’ve built must have a visible, actual and absolute end.  The necessity for this is built right into the system.  As more of the corruption is seen as obvious to the masses – the masses will deem and end to such corruption.  Financial and governmental systems run by criminals will cease to exist.  Remember that this is a place of contrast and it will always be present.
The timing for every one of these happenings is individually and collectively determined. 
Your experience inside each of them is personally decided.  Here’s my take of how this works.  This explains, in my opinion, why all of these predictions could change tonight, if we all decide something else.  For these reasons, regard each announcement or warning with skepticism.  The proof is in the moment itself.  Until that occurs, no one knows for sure.
This is a doing of mass consciousness.  With every request/question there are billions upon billions of contributions to the answer.  And which of these would you deem the “correct” one?
This would be the answer that gave you what it is you most desire.  Who is it that most desires a specific response?  It is your ego self.  That part of you focused on what you have decided is your current life.
And when will this occur?  This will occur when there is no longer any doubt as to “if”.  It is not a question of “if”.  It is not a question of “when”.  It is not a question at all.
As the flower blossoms and the child grows; as the tree simultaneously sets roots deeper and branches taller – this moment of love will transcend everything you see now with two eyes and expand every cell’s consciousness.
It will happen when you know.  For this happening, regardless of form taken, is an expansion of that which is life.  It is love. More love.
All of life in the cosmos, transformed at once, will create an effect of relative awareness.  
Your own level of sensitivity and readiness will work for you – as every other bit of life is altered in a way that works for them.  How this feels will be determined by life path and expectations and choice.
This you know.  You are One.  Infinite, intelligent, aggressive, peaceful, calm, excited, empty, full, vibrant and asleep – you are every imagining, date and event.
The depth and breadth of who you are has been displaced and placed onto a being of unimaginable power. 
You do not accept that you are that being.  What you see with your eyes is man and woman with feet of clay.  What you don’t see are your wings and powers.
This is the beauty and the wonder of humanity.  Willingly you took this role and cheerfully you play your part, all the while wondering – When will I be saved?  How will I be rescued?  Who will come to heal me?
I tell you this.  There is no other but you to do the saving, the rescuing and the healing.  As you have played all parts – villain, victim, evil, criminal, liar and thief – you have prepared yourself to play this role.
You are the one who knows, the one who heals, the one who comprehends, the one who gives.
You – who have asked, now answer’s.
All of this is within. It is not reserved for a “god” or a “deity”.  It is not held separate.
As life is given so is every capability; you only need remember.  Know that there is no other; without separation all is One.
You are that One.
You are the One you’ve been waiting for.
Blessings and love as the next year begins,

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