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Are you for, or against, the new world order? Why?

f someone is opposed to a "new world order", it implies that they are content with the current world order. Who, other than those controlling the world, would be happy with the current state of affairs? Do you believe that you are leading the sort of life to which your talents entitle you? Are you being held back because you do not have the right "name", the right "connections"? Do you see untalented people all around you who are doing far better than you? Do you feel dissatisfied at a profound level? Are you aware that something is fundamentally wrong with the way the world is ordered? You can't quite put your finger on it, but you know this can't be the way things were meant to be.

The Illuminati, in relation to their secular mission, seek to disrupt the functioning of the Old World Order: the overt power structure that rules the world and holds so many in its thrall (there is also a covert power structure, to which we shall not refer at the present time). A new world order is in the interests of all, bar the current rulers of the world. Everyone who is not one of the Old World Order rulers should be doing everything in their power to topple the Old World Order. So, yes, we are entirely supportive of a new world order that will sweep away the corruption of the old, criminal order.

It is absurd for people to campaign against a hypothetical new world order rather than resist the current world order. It is the present that shapes the future and it is the past that shapes the present. The Old World Order have controlled humanity for millennia and have been resisted for millennia, with the Illuminati leading the resistance. The Old World Order controlled the past, they control the present and they will control the future unless the people awake from their slumbers.

To prevent the people from waking up is one of the Old World Order's primary missions. In the past they favoured brute coercion, but their tactics have evolved to an astonishing degree of sophistication. They almost never use crude tactics. They are masters of psychological manipulation. The most useful form of slavery is the one in which the slaves imagine they are free. The Old World Order does not need death camps or barbed wire, or electrified fences, or soldiers, or police, or cattle wagons, or surveillance, or spies, or enforcers. People, voluntarily, don the chains of slavery and bow down to their masters. Is that not genius? If you cannot appreciate the skill of the Old World Order, you can never triumph over them.

Every four years Americans go to the polls to vote for their own enslavement. At the end of each presidential term, the great family dynasties that rule the world still rule the world. Nothing changes. Puppet politicians posture in front of the cameras, but the power structures of the Old World Order remain in place, more secure than ever.

If you want an example of how the Old World Order operates, consider this:

David Cameron, the leader of the UK Conservative Party, and favourite to be the next British prime minister, attended Eton College (the most exclusive private school in Britain). He went to Oxford University where he joined the Bullingdon Club: a secretive, elite society exclusively for extremely wealthy students (rather like Yale's Skull and Bones). He is married to the daughter of Viscountess Astor. His close friend, and second-in-command in the Conservative Party, is Gideon (George) Osborne, another person who went to an elite private school, then Oxford University, where he also joined the Bullingdon Club. Osborne's father is a baronet.

During the summer, Osborne met investment banker Nathaniel Rothschild (Eton, Oxford University, Bullingdon Club, son of Baron Rothschild, member of the notorious Rothschild banking dynasty) in Corfu. They had dinner on the luxury yacht of Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska, one of the richest men in the world (and one of the handful of men who mysteriously took possession of huge chunks of Russian industry at almost no cost when Soviet Communism collapsed). Also in attendance was Lord Mandelson (grandson of Baron Morrison and a member of the UK Labour government, and also an Oxford man, like his close friend Tony Blair, the former prime minister. Blair was educated at Fettes College, Scotland's version of Eton.).

This is how the Old World Order operates. Well-connected, wealthy, privileged people meet on the yachts of the super-rich to carve up the world between them. All of the important decisions that so crucially affect the lives of ordinary people are taken in these kinds of secret meetings behind firmly closed doors. The changes in financial regulation that led to the catastrophic credit crunch were taken at such meetings (you can be sure the Old World Order emerged unscathed from the turmoil). The Old World Order decide what is best for themselves and then carry out these policies "in the name of the people". They don't consult the people, they don't care about the people, yet they expect the people to vote for them. And, remarkably, the people do.

Boris Johnson, the recently elected Mayor of London, has a familiar background: Eton, Oxford, Bullingdon Club. In the USA, the members of secret societies like Skull and Bones and Bohemian Grove carve up America. Aren't you getting the picture? Why are these people allowed to get away with it? Who is standing up to them? You? Or are you waving your flag and voting for them? Did you vote for George W Bush (Skull and Bones), or his father (Skull and Bones)? Were either of these men talented in any way, or did they rise to the top of the nation because their name was Bush?

If you want to help the Old World Order then watch your junk TV, play your junk computer games, worship your celebrities, go see your sporting gods, vote in elections, drink yourselves into a stupor, take drugs, buy a property you can't afford and spend your life repaying the debt, hold down a soul-destroying job, say prayers to false gods in fake churches, shop till you drop in shopping mall temples of commercialism. The Old World Order will pat you on the head like the nice, compliant little dogs you are.

If you want a better future you must work for a new world order and do everything to resist the Old World Order. The Zeitgeist movies are a good introduction to how the Old World Order operates, the means it uses to systematically deceive humanity and maintain its power indefinitely. Democracy, like mainstream religion, is a means to bind the people to their own enslavement. The antidote to democracy is meritocracy.

Isn't it time to face the truth? If you haven't gone to the right schools and colleges, if you don't have the right name, the right connections, you are almost certain to be a nobody in life. Is that what you want? If not, join the resistance. Stand up to the Old World Order.

Of course, the Illuminati is a secret society too, but no one who belongs to any of the Old World Order power structures can ever be admitted to the Illuminati. The Illuminati is a strict meritocracy and mostly consists of highly intelligent individuals (including autodidacts) who are capable of understanding the great mystery that the Illuminati have protected for millennia.

2) Do you view Lucifer as good or evil (Satanic)? Why?

The world's main religions are entirely false. They are the creation of false prophets working for the Old World Order. They are a central means of psychological control of the masses.

The word Satan means Adversary. Lucifer means Light Bearer. Do these names have any connection with Evil? Do not listen to the preachers of falsehoods. Are 9/11, the Inquisition, witch burnings, extermination camps, torture, war, crusades, suicide bombings, pogroms, massacres, persecutions, the works of people who believe in a benign, peace-loving God of love? Or those who believe in a God who is a sadistic monster who bathes in blood and glorifies cruelty, injustice, greed, horror and terror? Would any decent person worship the Allah of the 9/11 hijackers? What kind of person would expect to be rewarded by "God" for slaughtering thousands of people in a sickening bloodbath?

Do not be obsessed with labels. The names Satan and Lucifer have become so corrupted by misuse that they mean practically nothing now. The Armageddon Conspiracy pits Lucifer against Satan, and equates Satan with Allah/Jehovah/God. Lucifer, as defined in The Armageddon Conspiracy, is the True God's chief and most beloved angel. Satan (Allah/Jehovah/God) is the True God's implacable enemy. The crucial issue is whether you worship the True God, or have been deceived into worshipping a false God.

So, unless we know what you mean by Satan/Lucifer, we cannot say whether we view him as good or evil. Lucifer, as we define him, holds a position of extreme honour and is most certainly on the side of good. He is the standard bearer of the forces of light against the hordes of darkness.

Similarly, the term "New World Order" is often portrayed in extremely negative terms thanks to the highly effective propaganda of the Old World Order, and may or may not mean something sinister, depending on your stance and what you've seen, heard and read.

The Soul Camera, which will be released at the end of next year, will provide the clearest exposition yet of the religion of the Illuminati (the religion of the True God), and it will provide greater insights than ever before into the Holy Grail: the sacred and mystical centrepiece of the religion of the Illuminati. Be aware, knowledge, not faith, is what guides the Illuminati. The religions of faith are the religions of delusion and deception.



Thank you for your response. In an effort to clarify certain matters you have introduced, I have several follow-up questions. But first I believe it would be helpful to more carefully define "new world order", as it seems there are at least 2 different definitions.

You say that "If someone is opposed to a 'new world order', it implies that they are content with the current world order." I'm not so sure everyone would agree with that depending on how you define it…

As I'm sure you are aware, there are now many sources (proliferating by the day) that warn of an impending "new world order" wherein the not-so-insidious goal is the further consolidation of power via formation of a one world gov't, a one world army, and a one world bank to be controlled by the elite few in a totalitarian-type state (often termed "global enslavement") (let's term it "NWO-1"). However, you seem to be defining new world order very differently - i.e. as a meritocracy (let's term it "NWO-2"). NWO-1 and NWO-2 seem to be extremely different visions. Please compare, contrast, and clarify. Are you in favor of both or just the latter? Why?

If NWO-2 is your utopia, what is the roadmap to getting there? Is NWO-1 an intermediate (or unnecessary) step? Please explain…

You say that "the term 'New World Order' is often portrayed in extremely negative terms thanks to the highly effective propaganda of the Old World Order." Are you suggesting that the current negative views by many regarding NWO-1 is actually emanating from those in power, or are you again really referring to your NWO-2 here? See how confusing it is to speak of NWO without properly defining it and clearly differentiating your definition from that of others…

In your "Conspiracy Theories" section on your website you seem to be debunking many conspiracy theories as a whole. This seems at odds with your apparent promotion of the Zeitgeist movie which, as you know, presents a number of conspiracy theories. Please resolve this apparent inconsistency. Which conspiracies do you endorse? Which don't you endorse?

Thank you.



If a uniquely powerful secret society intent on world domination has existed for thousands of years, it follows that the world we see today is the product of their handiwork. If the world we see around us is not their creation then clearly they do not have the power claimed for them, and hence there is no reason to fear them. Either a supremely potent organisation exists that makes the world dance to its tune, or it doesn't. If it does exist, this must be its world. Not a future world, this world.

The Illuminati state that the world of today is very close to the one envisioned by those - the enemies of the Illuminati - who seek to perpetually exploit and enslave humanity. The idea that enslavement necessarily consists of chains and concentration camps is risible. A sophisticated secret society attempts to control populations through psychology rather than primitive force. Slaves are much less efficient, and much more expensive and difficult to control, than dutiful workers who toil hard in the mistaken belief that they are helping themselves. In fact, the vast majority of people who go to work every day are doing little more than making their bosses (their masters in all but name) much richer. The super rich scarcely inhabit the same world as ordinary people now.

The British invented concentration camps in the Boer War in the 19th Century. If the masters of the world thought it was in their interest to deploy concentration camps you can be sure we would already be living in them. None of the people who warn of concentration camps ever have a convincing rationale for what purpose would be served by such camps, or why the world rulers have not already gone ahead and done it if they are so powerful. What is stopping them? The concentration camp scare story is infantile; a simplistic boogeyman vision of the world. There are boogeymen, but they are urbane, ruthless, Machiavellian puppetmasters in smart suits, not childish monsters in monochrome military uniforms.

There is only one main component missing from the Old World Order's jigsaw. It is a piece that they once possessed but which they lost thanks to the efforts of the Illuminati in past centuries. It is the concept of the hereditary transmission of wealth and power. Imagine America as a monarchy rather than a republic where a king replaces the president and passes on the crown to his offspring in perpetuity. The presidency has already come to resemble this state of affairs (just consider the twelve years of presidential rule by the Old World Order's Bush family - father and son). Just think of the absurdly high regard in which someone like "Princess" Diana was held by the American people. How long before royalty and politics are once again merged as they were for most of European history? What are celebrities if not a new form of royalty? The deluded masses have, as usual, failed to see through the Old World Order's machinations. That is entirely as the Old World Order intends.

Psychology 101. Lesson 1) create the illusion of a future hellish state. (War on Terror etc.) People then become preoccupied with an unrealised, hypothetical future state and do not look critically at the world they are actually living in. Cui bono? The Old World Order, of course. The more you look favourably on the current world and fear a future world, the less likely you are to challenge the existing world hegemony. All your thoughts will be, futilely, concentrated on the future rather than the present.

Don't you see? - we are not in physical concentration camps for the simple reason that we have walked into our own prison camps of the mind. Ordinary people are so brainwashed that they actually believe the Old World Order is acting in their interests and protecting them from future horrors. The horrors, if you wake up, you will see all around you right now.

Did the people enduring the nightmare of the Second World War spend all of their time fearing what a Third World War might be like, or were they entirely preoccupied with the war they were actually in? Those who point to a future New World Order of concentration camps are admitting that they do not find the current world situation sufficiently disturbing. They are thinking about a future war rather than fighting the war they are actually in. This is the war, here and now. Those who don't think so have already succumbed to the Old World Order's propaganda. How many times must it be emphasised: the Old World Order are not stupid and they are not unsubtle. If you are not horrified by this world, the one you inhabit right now, it is because you have already been successfully brainwashed, and you pose no threat to the masters of the world.

Yes, the Old World Order have introduced a concept of "New World Order" that makes people fear the future. They have spread their false definition far and wide to suit their purposes. Millions of people have fallen for it. We are fighting to reclaim the concept. It is up to intelligent people to consider what they are reading and draw the relevant conclusions. Certainly, the existence of rival definitions is a recipe for confusion, but if we introduced a brand new term, you can be sure it would soon be deliberately sabotaged by our enemies.

There is a famous TV programme that shows a one-world future government, a one-world military and a one-world economic system that has entirely dispensed with money. It is one of the most popular TV shows of all time. It is called Star Trek. How many people would rail against the world shown in Star Trek? - a benign meritocracy where greed and want have been eliminated by technology and by intelligent policies carried out by intelligent, skilled leaders. Who are the losers in Star Trek? - the super rich, the monarchs, the celebrities, the powerful dynastic families, those who bow to money. In other words, the Old World Order. Do you think the Old World Order are responsible for shows like Star Trek and online films such as Zeitgeist? Think again.

"NWO1" is an invention of the Old World Order and, sadly, many well-meaning people have been suckered into going along with it. "NWO2", a meritocracy operating in the interests of all humanity, is what is politically advocated by the Illuminati. NWO1 and NWO2 have no connection at all.

The Illuminati's "roadmap" is and always has been ferociously difficult to implement. The Illuminati are a small group fighting across the millennia against the vast power of the Old World Order. How can a resistance group, few in number, topple monarchies and dynasties? Exceptionally, when the circumstances have proved conducive, this has proved possible (the French Revolution, for example). But the Old World Order have continually refined their tactics to make challenges to their power less and less likely.

Obviously, we in the Illuminati have no intention of revealing our precise plans, but you can be sure they involve the transformation of the ways of thinking of ordinary people, breaking the brainwashing that keeps them the slaves of their masters. The two Zeitgeist movies, and futuristic visions such as Star Trek, show the sort of world humanity could be advancing towards. Why are we not? The roadblock is the same one it has always been - the Old World Order, the empire of greed, hate, war, selfishness, money, possessions, division, discord, manipulation, tyranny and oppression.

There is indeed a section on this site that debunks conspiracy theories. It is there for a very specific reason. The Illuminati are a meritocracy. Throughout our history, many of our most prominent members have begun their journey as skeptics, debunkers, cynics. We wish to show such people that their current attitudes and beliefs do not preclude them from working with us. Many conspiracy theories are absurd: that does not mean that they all are, but all the people with whom we would wish to work should not be credulous and willing to swallow anything. We have chosen a tactic that might be described as postmodern. It will certainly put some people off. That is precisely the intention. Intelligent people should always retain healthy doubts until such times as they are furnished with credible evidence.

The followers of the Old World Order, waving their flags and bowing to their masters, are sheep. We have no need of sheep.

The Illuminati's political aims are one thing. Much more important is the religion of the Illuminati. This is something we deliberately do not discuss openly. Many clues have been provided over the centuries - most notably in the legends of the Holy Grail - but they have often been swallowed by the propaganda of the Old World Order. Next year, The Soul Camera will provide a clearer account of the Illuminati's religion than has ever hitherto been furnished.

Finally, consider this. The German philosopher Leibniz famously said that we live in the best of all possible worlds. His logic, if you believe in an all-powerful, benign creator of this world, was infallible. If it were possible for God to create a better world than this one then he would have done so because otherwise he would be perverse and malevolent - two things that God cannot be by definition. Therefore it must have been impossible for God to create a better world than this, hence this is the best of all possible worlds. Flawless. Therefore, if you believe in such a God, you must believe that this world could be no better than it is. So don't complain.

1) This argument is precisely the sort used by the Old World Order to justify their domination of the world.

2) The Illuminati reject it entirely.

3) Leibniz was one of the greatest figures in the Illuminati's history.

4) In order to defeat the enemy you must understand how he thinks.

5) Do you understand?


1) You say, on the one hand, that hereditary transmission of wealth and power has been lost, but on the other hand you say that the U.S presidency has come to resemble this state of affairs. So which is it - has it been lost or re-established?

2) You say that "the Old World Order have introduced a concept of 'New World Order' that makes people fear the future. They have spread their false definition far and wide to suit their purposes." Your answer is very confusing - are you suggesting that NWO-1 is NOT part of the power elite agenda? That would certainly contradict the Zeitgeist movie suggestion. I assume you mean something else so please clarify…For example, if you are suggesting that a one world gov't/army/financial system could actually be a good thing if handled properly are you also implying that you are ok with the global elite forming their NWO-1 as an intermediate to your NWO-2? Or are you suggesting that you must stop NWO-1 and implement NWO-2 yourselves without such an intermediate?

3) It seems that the "illuminati" have been defined in several ways depending on who is speaking. Is this because there are several different groups calling themselves (or being called) "illuminati", or has one group infiltrated another and inherited/co-opted their name? For example, you seem to be implying that your illuminati (i.e. illuminati-2) are good people looking out for others. On the other hand, the illuminati that many others speak about (i.e. illuminati-1) refer to the global elite which control the world and look to re-enforce this control via the NWO-1. Also, where do the illuminati depicted in Dan Brown's Angels and Demons fit in? In other words, please clarify the multiple definitions of illuminati and the chronology of the various groups if indeed one has infiltrated another?

4) You seem to be implying that your "good" illuminati (i.e. illuminati-2) was responsible for the French Revolution. This is interesting because others (e.g. some conspiracy theorists) have attributed the French Revolution to the "bad" illuminati (i.e. illuminati-1). This is obviously completely contradictory to what you are saying - so which is it? Please explain…

5) Are you also suggesting that your illuminati-2 was responsible not only for the French but also the American Revolution? As you know, many conspiracy theorists have attributed this event to the Freemasons. What is the relationship of your illuminati-2 to the Freemasons? What is the relationship of illuminati-1 to the Freemasons? Were the Freemasons initially comprised of illuminati-2 only to be infiltrated by illuminati-1?

6) What is your view of Albert Pike? Giuseppe Mazzini? Leo Taxil? In particular, was Albert Pike part of illuminati-1 or illuminati-2? What is your view of Adam Weishaupt? In particular, was Adam Weishaupt part of illuminati-1 or illuminati-2?

7) With respect to the current financial crisis, there seems to be a high level of urgency by many warning of the acceleration towards NWO-1. Does your illuminati-2, presumably opposed to these efforts, plan to accelerate its counter-efforts as well, or is this recent urgency unwarranted?


1) The Old World Order have always supported the principle of the hereditary transmission of power - the opposite of the Meritocratic Principle - and throughout history have largely succeeded in operating in this manner. The Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, a pivotal figure in the Old World Order, refers to the British people as "hers", as though they are her property. Most people, you would imagine, would not tolerate this. And yet the reverse is true. The vast majority of British people still support a monarchy in which they are defined as subjects rather than citizens. That demonstrates the sheer power of the propaganda of the Old World Order. They can make their tyranny be perceived as something noble and desirable. Through the heroic work of the Illuminati, manifesting itself in an assortment of revolutionary movements, the tyranny of the Old World Order has been checked to some degree, sometimes spectacularly in a few instances. The Old World Order's response consists of a two-pronged strategy: to operate a de facto hereditary principle, and to keep the people so befuddled on junk consumerism and entertainment that they won't notice what is happening. And they have succeeded admirably. There is no contradiction between losing something and trying to re-establish it. The question, as it has been posed, reflects a certain way of thinking that sets up false binary oppositions. The specific answer, as should be obvious, is yes to both: the Old World Order's formal hereditary principle has been largely lost, but they have established a de facto hereditary principle (i.e. largely re-established that which was lost), with the Bush Family providing the clearest example.

2) Your confusion arises from your misconceptions. NWO-1 is a fiction. As has been repeatedly stated, the Old World Order is the only power elite with which people should concern themselves. How would the alleged NWO-1 come into being if not through the efforts of the existing world power elite? - therefore NWO-1 can be viewed only as an extension of the existing ideology and policies of the Old World Order. Do people seriously imagine that there is massive conspiracy taking place right now regarding which none of the world's current power elite have any knowledge? How absurd. The NWO-1 propaganda has brilliantly led people astray, which was of course its function. Do not resist your current masters; instead waste your time and energy worrying about a fictional future state. How many have fallen into this trap?

A typical NWO-1 diatribe goes like this:

"A One World Government and one-unit monetary system, under permanent non-elected hereditary oligarchists who self-select from among their numbers in the form of a feudal system as it was in the Middle Ages. In this One World entity, population will be limited by restrictions on the number of children per family, diseases, wars, famines, until 1 billion people who are useful to the ruling class, in areas which will be strictly and clearly defined, remain as the total world population. There will be no middle class, only rulers and the servants. All laws will be uniform under a legal system of world courts practicing the same unified code of laws, backed up by a One World Government police force and a One World unified military to enforce laws in all former countries where no national boundaries shall exist. The system will be on the basis of a welfare state; those who are obedient and subservient to the One World Government will be rewarded with the means to live; those who are rebellious will simply be starved to death or be declared outlaws, thus a target for anyone who wishes to kill them. Privately owned firearms or weapons of any kind will be prohibited."

(Dr John Coleman, Conspirators Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300 (1992))

We agree with a few of the points raised here but most of it is ridiculous. How many times must we repeat: a) this is infantile scare-mongering b) the Old World Order aren't morons and only morons would seriously imagine that the world is in any danger of heading in the direction described. Why do people waste their time with this transparent nonsense? c) Dr Coleman and his kind are rabid, right-wing, fundamentalist Christian, anarcho-capitalist libertarians who love guns and who, in truth, are actually more terrifying than the Old World Order themselves. If you want to understand Dr Coleman and his ilk, read Ayn Rand. It is almost impossible for people to be scarier than the Old World Order and yet Dr Coleman and his sort have managed it. (And bear in mind that Ayn Rand is greatly admired by the Old World Order.)

Regarding Zeitgeist, ask yourself this: is it possible to use a widely believed misconception to produce a positive outcome? Imagine the difficulty Zeitgeist would have if it were to attempt to argue that there is a global power elite, but that the Illuminati - the most infamous group of all thanks to the Old World Order's propaganda - isn't part of that elite and, indeed, is fighting against it. The message would instantly become diluted, confused and confusing - as your questions demonstrate. Much easier, don't you think, just to run with the existing misconceptions as long as the main point is conveyed. Why do you think we posed the question of whether the message of Zeitgeist was fully understood? Zeitgeist makes it vividly clear that, for millennia, the people of the world have been conspired against by a power elite. Does this not constitute an Old World Order? How can something that has been going on for millennia be referred to as "new". A second outlet, such as this website, can strive try to communicate what is really going on, but we do not pretend for a moment that we can easily undo popular misconceptions. "Old World Order" is, quite simply, less catchy than "New World Order". It sounds like an old story, whereas what people want is what is happening now, and what is coming tomorrow. They thus ignore what happened yesterday even though that controls today and tomorrow.

Yes, a one-world government/army/financial system could be a good thing if handled properly - though the difficulties are immense. There is nothing intrinsically "bad" about the concept, unless, like Dr Coleman, you despise most of your fellow human beings and want a big gun so that you can kill them. Do people fear the one world government envisaged by Star Trek? Does that resemble a horrific tyranny? What exactly do people fear so much when they automatically denounce a one-world government? If it were a one-world government that was fair to everyone, was based on merit and minimal state interference, and dispensed with the power elites, who would rise up against it? (Apart from Dr Coleman and his fellow travellers who no doubt regard Captains Kirk and Picard as one-world fascists.)

NWO-1 could never be a precursor of NWO-2. NWO-2 could only come into being if the relevant political system were shown to work in an existing advanced nation. Hence Meritocracy as a replacement for Democracy. Democracy is a creature of the Old World Order.

3) Yes, you have highlighted the difficulties. The Armageddon Conspiracy - freely downloadable from this website - says as much about the history of the true Illuminati as we wish to put in the public arena at this point. We have no interest in other versions/perversions of the Illuminati. It is impossible for us to control what others say about the Illuminati. Yes, the Illuminati have been infiltrated on several occasions, but never at the highest echelons. Yes, factions have been expelled that have then tried to reinvent the Illuminati in unapproved forms. And the Old World Order has always sought to malign, discredit and persecute the Illuminati. If we were to provide a precise chronology of the Illuminati, we would be aiding and abetting our enemies since they would invariably find valuable clues in any such information and be in a better position to infiltrate us. We are the Illuminati; we are not curious researchers or historians or sensationalist writers seeking to reveal the secrets of a hidden society. We are compelled to communicate in various coded ways, but there are those who understand the codes and who eventually find their way to us.

4) Indeed. Are you for or against the French Revolution? Are you a supporter of Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette and the rest of the French power elite who oppressed the French people? Do you think the British Queen is a supporter of the French Revolution? The French Revolution was one of the great moments in history when the power of the Old World Order was almost broken. Freedom, Equality, Fraternity - are you opposed to those? You have highlighted a key point. The Old World Order and their fellow travellers will say that the Illuminati's involvement in the French Revolution illustrates some sinister influence. The only sinister thing going on in France at that time was the obscene power and arrogance of the Old World Order. When someone condemns the French Revolution, he is revealing that he is a supporter of the Old World Order and automatically showing that he is on the side of those who attack the Illuminati. "Good" and "bad" are not objective terms - their use depends on what your attitude is. If you support the Old World Order, as you seem to, you will certainly be no ally of ours and you will refer to us in terms of NWO-1. Was the American War of Independence bad and evil? The Illuminati were of course involved in that too. Who were the losers that time? - the Old World Order of the British ruling class. The tragedy is that the Old World Order have again reasserted themselves and America is full of Old World Order dynasties once more. And they find support from the likes of Dr Coleman who would no doubt despise the French Revolution and regard it as a great evil.

5) Yes, the Illuminati were heavily involved with the American Revolution. The relationship between the Freemasons and the Illuminati is highly complex. It would be fair to say that the Freemasons were once highly influenced by the Illuminati-2, to use your definition, but were infiltrated and came to be dominated by forces hostile to the Illuminati. The Illuminati now have no connection with mainstream Freemasonry and indeed Freemasonry, at his highest levels, has become the plaything of the Old World Order.

6) We would view Albert Pike on a par with Dr Coleman. Giuseppe Mazzini tried to join the Illuminati but was rejected and created a fake Illuminati organisation. In one or two instances, the real Illuminati were not opposed to Mazzini's activities. Leo Taxil was not a member of the Illuminati but was used by the Illuminati to perform a particular task. Yes, Adam Weishaupt was an influential member of the Illuminati. The Illuminati's mission in his time, as now, was to resist the Old World Order, monarchical governments, oppressive political systems, deceitful, Satanic religions, and the worship of material objects over the realm of the spirit.

7) All crises are potential opportunities. The Old World Order will be using the financial crisis to bankrupt business opponents and consolidate their power in ever tighter monopolies and cartels. At the end of the crisis, their wealth and power may be massively enhanced, as indeed it was in the aftermath of the Wall Street Crash and the Depression. Equally, people who are in distress are far more receptive to the voice of change in times like these, so you can be sure that the Illuminati, in many guises, are busy promoting a radical change agenda to the ordinary people of the world.

The Illuminati is a revolutionary movement that seeks to eradicate the power elite that controls the world for its own selfish ends. We advocate radical change, not the sort of "change" that gets trumpeted by American presidential candidates working within the power elite structure of Washington DC, and from whom no genuine change could ever emanate. We sometimes form temporary alliances with other groups on the basis of "our enemy's enemy is our friend", but we have no formal links to any other organisation.

We consider that the person who sent us these questions is not an ally of the Illuminati and is likely to be on the side that opposes us, either as a fellow traveller of the Old World Order, or as a member of an extreme anarcho-capitalist organisation that would not be amenable to the message of meritocracy. We have responded to these questions to illustrate that we are prepared to engage with the propaganda of our enemies. We have given full answers and it is up to people to reach their own conclusions regarding what we have said. Are we tyrants? Satan worshippers? Are we the proponents of the terrifying New World Order that you have heard so much about? Or are we on your side? Are we your best hope for a just future? Think for yourselves. Don't let them brainwash you.

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Comment by Besimi on November 20, 2010 at 8:50pm
MeritoCracy ( By Merit-worthiness) ,resembles GENIOCRACY ( By Genious- ability).
- I red this GENIOCRACY word,long ago on INTELLIGENT DESIGN BOOKLETTE,written by RAEL (From RAELIANS) - Supposedly an ELOHIM Contactee from 1973. (Event happened in France).
...Didn't sound bad at all, ..and I was very fascinated by Raelians.
I got to be even more interested on UFO's since then, although I was open to all these paranormal activities and space ,anyway. ...cause when I was 10 years old,my uncle that worked in Switzerland used to talk about UFO's , and about some work-friends that saw them,very closely.
.....and yeah ! Bill Meier from Switzerland,is one of most well known-contactees.

.........................but anyway,discernment is highly advised indeed, cause is being hard a bit today,to distinguish good from bad.
Comment by jose v on November 20, 2010 at 3:41am
I was talking with Alexander,he is sending me his book meritocracy in a email after I geted you get a copy too, I'm trying to help these good illuminati the world don't need no power not more . St germain want to
We're not trying to create a world in our Old Energy vision. We're trying to open up and expand a vision through the feelings that others can embrace if they choose.
Comment by Besimi on November 20, 2010 at 3:11am
"The collapse of power leads to waves of turbulence that cause a tense void, which leads to new awareness."
............and Yes : this is true.
Thnx Jose bro :):):) thnx for all you do ,te help rise the awareness of people.
I'm Greatful ,for all You do bro. Namaste. ...and we continue searching :):):) love.
Comment by Besimi on November 20, 2010 at 2:58am
...Yes, there is A LOT,that makes sense here (except that 9/11 hijackers)
...but IT IS THE TRUE INTENT that really counts, .... THE TRUE LOVE OF HEART for Beloved People.
...and AIN'T HERE ,as far as I can sense.
............................................:):):) Much love,my people. See, ...Keep Seeing i these deceptive times. Hugs.
Comment by jose v on November 20, 2010 at 2:39am
I'm glad you understand it, once again some things in the matrix will remain in the matrix, but remember the words of st germain very well implemented here :
"The collapse of power leads to waves of turbulence that cause a tense void, which leads to new awareness."

Hmmm, indeed. Now you can write out some long dreary mathematical formula, but this is a simple, what you would call, spiritual physics.

The bottom line is when that void – it doesn't necessarily collapse, it actually transmutes – and the transmutation invites in awareness or what you would call new consciousness on a very, very high level. It will come rushing in, streaming in like water when a dam is broken, and what you're going to see is some very, very fast and very efficient solutions.
Comment by Besimi on November 20, 2010 at 2:30am
'' Would any decent person worship the Allah of the 9/11 hijackers? What kind of person would expect to be rewarded by "God" for slaughtering thousands of people in a sickening bloodbath? ''

.... 9/11 hijakers,people of Allah (muslims) were they really ,responsible for 9/11 ??? this NWO 2 ( ''Benevolent All known Illuminati '') spokesman saying.
Does this spokesman know,who really was behind 9/11 , was it maybe an inside job rother ?, or this person just '' can't '' know that ?.

And why This word ''CRACY''has to exist anyway :AristoCRACY,ByroCRACY,DemoCRACY ,TechnoCRACYect,
.... now this MeritoCRACY ?
,,,And This person also support One World Government ,One Army, One Monetary system ect,just like the other NWO 1 crap. ...Ohhh but these ones are ''Of Good Intentions '' , ...''this Ones would never hurt
No-One '' ...They would ''MANAGE GOOD''.
- And they are presenting themselves at this time NOW,cause they '' GOT A SECRET TO TELL'', ...and they had to keep a Secrecy,in order to ''survive'' from other Illuminati Elites.
...And Yes ,they enjoyed a very Wealthy Rich lifes on the back of the others, but that's ok cause they are Illuminati anyway ''(they should)''. ect ect ect .

...thanks Jose for this new Presentation . Namaste bro. :):):) love.
...I like to read,these different,contraversal views,cause they help me conect some more dots, I may have missed otherwise, ... :):):)

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