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Are the banksters trying to create mass starvation again?

Are the banksters trying to create mass starvation again?

As the Northern hemisphere enters the crucial planting season many farmers are still having trouble getting bank loans to pay for fertilizer and other farm inputs. The financial mafia tried to create mass starvation last year by jacking up fertilizer prices and paying farmers to grow fuel instead of food. Also, as a result of a long term campaign to destroy family farms with unfair financial practices, much of US farmland is in the hands of corporations who are also able to create a food crisis at will. It seems the banksters will be saying “if you do not play ball with us we will cause starvation” at the G20.

The banksters need to realize that if they are caught deliberately creating mass starvation, they will be the first to die. The people of the world have a list of their names.

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