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by Sheryl Pedersen

24th July 2009

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Today is the 3rd day of waking up with so much pain in my lower body that I can hardly move. On top of that, after a cup of coffee which usually keeps me going for hours, I'm ready for a nap or two over the course of the day. And as to my emotional state - I'm still riding the roller coaster and am waiting for it to stop. Interesting times.

When I don't like my experience, I always ask the ones who speak to me to explain. This is what I'm being told.

While many of you have completed the energy adjustments that are the result of the downloading of Light the past few weeks, some of you still are going through more adjustments. We could make it easier and painless, but some of you don't believe what we say and still want proof. Here's your proof.

The energy is being adjusted and you feel pain that is out of the ordinary. And yet you feel the need for more information. So we will again try to explain and to reassure you that all is well.

The main situation that is causing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual distress is that as the Light is coming in, there needs to be a place to put it so to speak.

Think of it as a jar of jelly beans. Our goal is to fill your jar full of white jelly beans - meaning that you will be holding all of the Light energy that you are capable of while in human form.

Right now, about half or so of your jelly beans are white and the rest many shades of colour, including many black and dark beans. In order for us to add more white beans to your jar, we need to take out some of other colours. When you feel what you see as unusual symptoms or experiences, this is what is happening. We are helping you to remove the rest of the beans so that we can replace them with white beans.

This does not feel comfortable because you are used to having an array of colour and your body reacts on all levels to removing beans. As we move each bean, changes happen and it doesn't always feel good to you. Even feeling different can be a startling experience which makes you feel even more distressed.

And as far as the darker and black jelly beans go. As we move them up and out of your jar, so to speak, we dislodge some of the energy that now starts to circulate within the jar (your body). It can feel like many of the so called darker parts of your life that you have repressed or hidden are moving and as they are released, the emotional energy is also released.

Now to bring this to relationships as this is an area where many are struggling with the changes. Just think about having 2 jars of jelly beans in the room. You've always gotten along well with the mix of colours that you had and then all of a sudden, a bunch of black jelly beans start being released. You don't recognize each other in the same way when this happens. A lot of heavy emotional energy begins to circulate around you and the relationship is affected.

Now we can take this to a global level as well. The collective jelly bean jar is being rearranged. And as it is happening for each individual, it is happening collectively. The other colour beans are being forced out to make room for more white ones. All that is not white is on the move and the energy of the darker beans raises emotions on a planetary level.

Now this is just a short description of what is going on. You are becoming Light as you consciously chose to bring more Light into your body and your planet. This is causing all that is not Light to be displaced. This displacement can bring out changes that, at the time, don't feel good and are not welcome.

The bad news, for most of you, the beans are slowly being replaced as that is the speed of change which you are more comfortable with. So this disruption may be with you for a while.

The good news is that the beans are being replaced. You are becoming lighter and so is the planet around you. We celebrate the work you are doing. Keep it up and try to relax and enjoy the ride to a wondrous state of being.


Arcturius, for the Keepers of the Light Codes

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