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Archangel Michael and Ronna ADVICE PLEASE GUYS!!!

Has anyone ever paid to have Ronna send them a personal channel from AA Michael? I did, I bought her book and I got the personal message. She said she channels it just for me from AA Michael. I am going to attach the letter she sent me. Please number one..Explain it to me? What are the rays really? Anyway HAS anyone ever gotten a letter and if so was it like this? Do you think this is just a form letter or do you think AA Michael was talking to me. The part about crystals and healing would be for me for sure and she cant know me so she cant know I use crystals and that Zack my Spirit Guide directs me in the use of crystals.. Can she? Could she look me up?

OK Let me know please. Sorry i had to attach it as a picture. I dont have the OCR hooked up on my computer.

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Comment by Brenda Watts on November 24, 2010 at 2:58am
Thank you all for commenting on this blog. The more I am reading this channel the more I am thinking its a really cool channel! AND I looked up the links Christina left. I am learning what the term "rays" means and what the channel is talking about. :-)
Comment by Brenda Watts on November 22, 2010 at 5:03am
Christina, Read this part of my Astroloigy reading..... TALKING ABOUT MY 7Th house too!!!
That your chart is even more powerful than I thought. This collection at the top of your chart means that you were made to shine your light into the world, and that you have a multitude of gifts that will allow you to do so. You will be loved by those you work with, and you are bound to be noticed and well-known. Your gifts are huge, and they will be greatly appreciated. You can absolutely make a livelihood from what you do. And what I said before, about trusting that you will always have enough of what you need, completely holds true in this chart. It is very clear that if you overcome any self-doubts and utilize your gifts in the world, you will be able to make a living doing that if you chose.

You have the North Node in the 7th house, in Taurus. This is very beneficial, and the 7th house has to do with marriage, partnerships, but also with counseling. This is a destiny marker, showing what you are aiming toward in this life, so I would call this a desire to harmonize with others and work with others in a one-on-one capacity, whether that’s your husband, your close relationships, or clients. This has a lot to do with what you’ve already learned in previous lifetimes.
Comment by Brenda Watts on November 22, 2010 at 4:42am
Kamala, I re read her website and if you really LOOK you will see a part that says She was getting so many requests for readings that AA Michael gave her 100 readings and all she does now is be guided to the correct one of 100 and send that, However before she sends it she goes into a channel and AA Michael will change things for some people but for sure out of 100 readings I am to be assured that I got the correct one. She said she is 70 or older so she cannot keep writing 2 pages to everyone. So Rhonda said the BOLD words are the words AA Michael changed and or added for me extra personally. I just found this out.
Comment by Brenda Watts on November 22, 2010 at 4:38am
OMG!! Marie!!! You are right. I did not really even really really connect that. Thank you! It crossed my mind, but ok wow.
Comment by Brenda Watts on November 22, 2010 at 4:35am
Christina, Thank you so much for posting. I am excited to go read you link to better understand the info in that letter. What you said about my always having “enough” gave me chills because I had an astrology reading (see my pictures) and that is what I was told over and over by my friend Kristine that I should never have to worry about money because I will always have enough. And have always said that too. I never had hi hopes of being rich, I live in a 76 mobile home! But I have enough and I always have. I have never had a day when I was really without. In the reading I was told past Karma and past hard work in other lives has given me this during this life. But from what you posted, it seems to come with the mission. Either way it’s a affirmation. So thank you and I will follow your links and check then out.
Love and Light
Comment by CHRISTINA on November 20, 2010 at 7:20pm
Hi Brenda,
just posted a blog explaining what the rays are about (
From my understanding: many lightworkers' I AM Presence is made of the second ray of Love-Wisdom;

"Second Ray of Love-Wisdom
Ray Master: Chohan Kuthumi, Overlighted by Archangel Jophiel and Constance, and Elohim pollo and Lumina.
Qualities: Strength, patience and endurance, intuition, clear intelligence, radiance and faithfulness. Color: Blue. Chakra Center: Heart
This ray is very much about embracing the Divine Feminine aspect to your nature, and focusing on Self-nurturing and Self-Love. It is to find this Love from within, and not necessarily through a relationship of Love often bound by projections and expectations. For Light Workers, it is often about finding the balance between Love and Power, and taking your Service work to a new level. To express your Love energetically to others, visualize a beautiful golden infinity symbol extending from your heart to the heart of the person you are connecting with, and wanting to share your Truth and Love. Then surround this person in the blue flame of Love and compassion. This energy technique is particularly useful when you do not feel strong enough to stand in your power, with integrity and Love, or you are feeling angry and unloving in a situation of confrontation

According to Ronna's channel your soul ray is of the 7th ray of Ceremonial Magic.

Seventh Ray of Ceremonial Magic
Ray Master: Chohan St. Germain and Lady Portia, Overlighted by Archangels Zadkiel and Amethyst, and Elohim Arcturus and Victoria.
Qualities: Ritual and magic, diplomacy, freedom, strength, courtesy and self-reliance. Color: Violet. Chakra Center: Sacral
Through this ray, you are connecting more to your Higher Light, and the Divine Unfolding Light of Mother/Father God. You are working with your dualities, and realizing that you are a Light Worker, in Service in Love to all Life. You may also need to create a more focused Spiritual routine in your everyday Life, and step into a deeper level of trust and surrender with the Divine. If you are a Light Worker setting up organizations, rituals, ceremonies and so on, trust in the Divine Unfolding of this Plan, knowing that you will be provided for on all levels, and be truly supported in your Light work. Particularly around the issue of money. You will always have enough. Once you have dedicated your Life to Service, you will always be Divinely provided for. The key here is one of integrity, and letting go of the ego consciousness. Let go and let God! For every step forward you take, your buddies of the Light take ten steps towards you!

From my experience, Ronna's messages are always empowering, so are two of her books I read a few years ago, but never have I had a channeled message from her. I had a so-called ray reading done by Sally LeSar, in 2004. I must say, this reading was spot on! Here's Sally's link to her website, should you be interested:

Good luck :)
Comment by Brenda Watts on November 20, 2010 at 3:09am
Please read this and get back to me asap because if you guys think this is true i have a LOT of work to do!! LOL

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