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Archangel Gabrielle: A Higher Octave, channeled by Linda Dillon

Archangel Gabrielle: A Higher Octave,” , Feb. 15, 2014, at

Greetings, I am Gabriel, I am Gabrielle, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One and, yes, sweet angels of light, of course I give you my molten gold but do not forget my Golden Bubbles of JOY.

This, not merely because of Victory Day, but because of what is occurring within you and around you and upon Gaia and within Gaia, above Gaia, this is a time of joy. And why is it a time of joy? Because, sweet angels of light, it is a time of love!

Always we have said, yes, even while bowing to the Mother and to Yeshua, we have said that Valentine’s Day was the most important day of the year because it celebrated love, not merely romantic love but every form of love and it acknowledges and recognizes the importance of love. Love is essential to survival, not merely my sweet ones, to human survival but to survival throughout the multiverse.

So often we have said to thee that it is the essence, the substance, the fibers, the nucleus, the sub-atomic matter of which everything is created. And you nod and you say, “Oh, that is nice and that is interesting, and I wonder what Einstein thinks of this?”

Well I tell you, today he agrees with me. But what do I say to you? …“Love is not only necessary for Ascension, for expansion, for joy, it is key to survival.”

All of you are aware of babies or children that leave or fail to thrive. And what does this term mean? It means that the love, the embrace, the holding, the sweetness, has not been present.

It is true of all beings and it is true of many, many adults on earth, there is a failure to thrive because they do not have sufficient quantities of love.

It is not merely about food and shelter and water and air, yes, these are the primary gifts of Gaia, but you cannot live without the primary gift and essence of the Mother; and that is love. And the food and air and water and fire of Gaia are simply expressions, her expression, of the Mother’s love.

Now, why do I bring this up? And why do I do so in tandem and reminding you, not only to take my river, but to take my bubbles and be the Joy? Because, sweet angels, I love you. It is that simple; it has always been that simple.

Why do they call me Lily of Love? Why is this beautiful flower shaped like a trumpet and a symbol of resurrection? Why is that part of who I am? Because that is what I am; that is what I do. I am not merely administrator, communicator.

I send to you, through my trumpet, through my horn, the sound, the vibration, and the essence of love. It is not merely my favorite service, it is my promise that I have made to the Mother eons ago.

You say, “Well, Gabrielle, why would you do that when the Mother sends us so much of her love constantly, when we are in the beginning waves of the tsunami of love?”

Because, my sweet angels, you can never have too much love and the more you have, the more fruitful you are. And by this I mean creative and joyful and patient, all of what you desire, you have greater compassion, you can experience more, you can perceive and receive more.

So it is not merely a situation where you say, “Send me love and fill me up” which I have done to each of you daily for a long time, it is to put yourself in the flow, yes, not only to keep your chakras on your arches open, but your heart, your sacral, your sweet little tummy, your third eye, your fourth eye, your crown.

Unfurl your wings children and let those on earth see them; they are radiant and they are mighty and there is no need, ever again, to hide them away.

Let the magnificence of your heart be known. Let the brilliance of your intelligence and the depth of your emotion be known.

Declare yourselves and declare yourselves free, declare yourselves thriving, blossoming, not only in my love, not only in the love of the Mother, not only even in your love for your sacred self, which is essential, but your love for each other.

Gaia was created as a planet of love, a planet of play. Why do you think that Sanat Kumara and I have been awarded responsibility to work with you? Because we are of love.

So, I stand here this day, not only to take you home, up the golden spiral to the heart of Mother/Father/One, I stand here this day to bring that love down and to anchor it in your blessed heart that you will know, far beyond any shadow of a doubt, how deeply you are loved and how glorious you are.

I am honored to serve you; I am honored to love you. Go in peace and go in victory. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 02-15-14

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