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Arch Angel Uriel - Tomorrow’s Promise

By Arch Angel Uriel - Hazel
Aug 12, 2010 - 7:34:23 PM
The highlight of your days in current time precipitates tales of gloomy happenings as you witness the tides of change being effected on your planet. These changes are indeed real and merits attention by all. For it is no little coincidence that these incidents and events are propelling into your physical plane at this time.
This is what we in the celestial realms call “divination”. Yes dear ones for a divine tune is now rending its way into the threshes of your world and the effect will be dually crippling yet enlightening . The duality of your existence on planet earth is going through what we call bypass surgery as the blockages are being cleared to remove the cankers and sores that have clogged the arteries of your souls for aeons. The effect will be resoundingly profound and poignant for once the cleansing is complete the celestial tunes will find a synchronicity as it seamlessly flows into its rightful home as the portals of your aching souls are allowed to welcome celestial light. The sound of freedom will ring beautifully through your inner ears and long last you will become attuned to the cosmic tone, that alignment may be formed as you pivot on the heel of spiritual ascension.
For many, tomorrow will bring great rewards for many lifetimes spent toiling and battling in the soils of spiritual fermentation, now in readiness to take that golden sword and race through the brambles of imprisonment, that sticking impediment in your journey thus far; that your gauntlets may be removed freeing you to willingly follow that golden light of ascension.
Yes, tomorrow holds an immortal promise to they who have the courage to choose the Christ light as their anchor and bed. You who have sown seeds of light on the soils of time will reap the longevity of eternal oneness with the Light and you will find poetic symmetry as you learn to move to a new rhythm, that which has been lacking in your world. You will move to the rhythm of balance.
I will not speak to those who have chosen to continue to tread along the deadened path of darkness, for this is a message of hope and promise. Hope rests firmly on the fulcrum of divine light and you must choose, be, reveal and resonate that light in order to share in tomorrow’s promise. For my friends, the promise is beyond the imaginings of your mortal senses. In order to know what tomorrow brings your way, you must be able to visualise it through the clarity of your god mind.
Might I share a speckle of that vision of your promised tomorrow with you? In large measure you ones will be responsible for rebuilding your world so tomorrow rests in your hands, though it really rests in your ability to use your god mind to co-create. If you are willing to do so you shall. I ask that you embrace the following picture.
There are no clouds in your tomorrow just the jaunty rhythm of tender light reeling its way perpetually in the horizons of your new world. There will be sparkling epiphanies experienced on the landscape of your minds as you blossom exponentially. Strident light from cosmic unknowns will fill your vessel and as you become accustomed to receiving this light you shall grow in your ability hold it. You shall be continually refilled and with each filling you are nourished. For every one who willingly offers themselves to be a vessel of light there will be a gradual evaporation of darkness, remnant in the structured consciousness and the mass consciousness will become freer and lighter as it begins to inhale that inspiration of cosmic light . Your world shall lose its daunting flavour and divine credibility shall be slowly restored.
We in the celestial realms shall ever lead you to doors upon doors that in measure of your readiness the locks will be removed that you may enter into higher dimensions of light. Children of God I say to you again, that you cannot yet in your density of thinking begin to fathom what that light holds. If only you knew and if only it would be possible for me to use your language to convey the sincerity and enormity of its effect you would no longer dawdle in the excuse that you have all the time in the world so a little tardiness would not hurt. You ones on earth strive for ecstasy in living and it is on your doorsteps yet many have refused to take hold of the handle that once opened will gain them entry into the land of euphoria. Why have they refused to do so? It is more likely that they cannot see the handle because their vision remains grey and blurred by earthly endeavours.
The promise of tomorrow beloveds is the promise of eternal life. It is the promise of spiritual ascension. It is a promise that you grow closer to God through strides that will return you to Oneness.
Tomorrow’s promise is a reality, for a new dawn glows as it escapes the foothold of darkness. Your lives are about to change as the “age of divinity”, being a return to the light, enters. The only choice you ones have is whether you will join the bandwagon of light. There is no hurdle that can impede the entrance of the “age of divinity” for it is mandated by the Source of All that your planet is gifted with this crown as a reward for her pure and selfless service to humanity and to her Creator.
I ask that you ones keep tomorrow’s promise with you at all times for it is this vision that will enable you to rise to meet your bright new dawn and the bright new sun promised by the Creator.
I am Uriel, come to place in the palms of your hands the key, being the vision and the promise. See it! Believe it! Know that it is here!
We of the celestial realm of Angelic Light congratulate you ones of the light.
Blessings and salutations.

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Comment by Besimi on August 24, 2010 at 10:22pm
Wonderful message of AA Uriel :):):).
..thnx sweet Luz :) ..ever shining Light,that You truly Are. Namaste.

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