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I've had quite a hard past couple of days.

I don't know why, I just began feeling really low, no energy, angry, short with my family members and so on. It's so nice to feel good and have energy, I've been especially good at practicing living in the moment but its as if suddenly something grabs me from around the back and drags me back down into fear, uncertainty, anger, mistrust.

I'm doing everything in my power to feel better, I know about the dangerous poisons in our water, air and bodies and I know I'm advancing further into this truth... but sometimes I seem to take a few steps back and feel utterly powerless. Does what I think and what I do really matter? Does it really make a difference?

I think the moon may be playing a part, seeing it unchanged was enough to bring me into uncertainty. Who is to say that the ascension will really happen?

There are some things that I know for a fact are really bringing hope to my heart.

(1) We are all connected, watched over, have a guide that loves us more than we can say. Michael Newton has proved it with his research, they're there with us -- we just can't see them. Much like when water evaporates, it's still there but our physical eyes can't see.

(2) Obama has been elected and real CHANGE is in the air. That thought alone makes me hopeful of our future and for my kids' future. If Obama can stop the Chemtrails, ELFs, HAARP, Fluoridation and Mercury amalgams -- I will go out there, kiss a tree and hug it. (Maybe I should do that anyway, trees are our guardians)

(3) Even though I have bad days, I have chosen this body and this life -- I am human and I'm here to learn, love and overcome.

So, I will write down a to do list that will make me feel better:

- Hug a tree
- Hug a family member
- Smile and greet a stranger
- Write something nice to someone
- Dance around to Christmas music
- Kiss my husband
- Meditate, even if its for 10 mins

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