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Following up on :The domain,, has been seized by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation pursuant to an Arrest Warrant in the Rem obtained by the United States Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York and issued by the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York.

Conducting, involving, association, or mentioning of/with the internet terrorist organization known as Anonymous are grounds for immediate detainment and seizure under the NDAA.

For persons engaged in the participation of Anonymous and/or Anonymous operations, and knowingly doing so, are likely to face charges of aiding and abetting or assisting. (32 U.S.C. ## 5324 & 5327)

Violations of these laws carry criminal penalties of up to seven years' imprisonment and a fine of up to $500,000.

Properties, including domain names, used in violation of the provision of 21 U.S.C # 2944 or association with Anonymous are subject to forfeiture of the United States. (21 U.S.C ## 2944)


The Good News: The Anonymous page is back to normal:

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Comment by CHRISTINA on April 2, 2012 at 9:20am


RE: Anonymous, who are they? CIA?

> Thank you for the fast reply, and yes, once again, time will tell. I > understand no one has all the knowledge and answers and If they happen > to be CIA black ops, we will call them out. > > I'm an info warrior and a light worker, fighting the corporate > propaganda machine on a daily basis among friends and family and > people around me. > > I have one more question. Alex Jones, he's dead right most of the > time, but his tact turns a lot of people off; is he a shill? I've been > a fan for years, but people often call him out as a a psy-ops, or > co-intel pro, or just a businessman trying to make money. He speaks > the truth, and seems sincere, but the way he does it turns off a lot > of people, especially liberals seeking the truth. I know you may not > know, and time mayl tell, but do you have an opinion about him. I will > take a non-reply as no opinion, thanks! > >

Writing from Bangkok Thailand



As far as I know, Alex Jones is sincere in his wishes to fight evil. However, he does avoid certain issues such as the high level financial scandal going on. Intelligence agency people have also shown me video proof that he sometimes puts actors on his show pretending to be somebody they are not. A lot of people have asked him to put me on his show and he says he will but although they know my number, they do not call. Also, my understanding is he is linked to the Bronfman family who run one of the big corporate media empires. He is welcome to respond if any of this information is wrong.

Benjamin Fulford

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