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Dear Beloveds, You stand at the threshold of
something greater than yourself. Step inside of
yourself and see the newness in everything. As we
walk with you, we point out the many illusions of your
creation. Energy is the key to creation, manifestation
and transformation...but what do you want to create?

You were all wonderful creators and Divine architects
in Atlantis. Your life was good and there was an
abundance of everything. Each of you knew your own
truth and trusted your guidance and Source energy
connection without doubt. Beings from the higher
realms and other dimensions came to your aid; they
were also your teachers.

Remember the beauty that you created back then and
recreate this now for the New Earth.

Some of you have already been experiencing shifts
within your physical body and for others, you are
feeling a different vibration around you and yet, it is a
part of you. Your Divine script is being worked on and
for some, even rewritten. It is time to push beyond the
confinement of your own mind and expand your light
and the higher frequencies that you have been
receiving. You are the trail blazers for Earth, evolving
into a New Human, becoming once again the Adam
Kadmon and great alchemists of your time.

Breathe in our love and breathe out pure light. As you
energetically shift to a new vibration, be gentle with
yourself and allow the integration of the new energies
to settle. As Grand Master Souls,You are the
wayshowers, the new leaders. Step into your own
Mastery once again and remember your Altantean

Archangel Metatron and Archangel

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